New Year’s Resolutions

7 Jan


Its been awhile! Sorry about that, but I am back! Well I am going to try to be!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more. I really enjoyed it so here I go!

Get Ready!

I seriously have a billion resolutions this year and I want to keep some of them. So this is me trying to keep one. And below is my number one resolution with a bunch of sub-resolutions I have to accompany the main resolution.

My number one resolution –

Be Healthy!  Maybe the most popular New Year’s resolution but this is not just losing weight but eating healthier, exercising, doing more active things so I can be healthier!

With the above goal mentioned I have mini goals to go along with that goal.

–          No more diet cokes or sugar substitutes. I hear those are bad for you 🙂 so I am going to cut those out. I usually  never drink regular cokes (or for everyone outside of New Mexico – pop, soft drink, soda) but I am slightly addicted to diet soda.

–      Exercise four times a week. This includes going to the gym, skiing, walking, dancing anything that makes me move more than I normally would.

–          Make more healthy meals

–          Find a gym or exercise method I love. I have tried a couple different gyms (which I will tell you about later) and I have yet to find the one I love.

–          Be outside more – I love to ski and go on walks but I love to lay on the couch all day and watch TV so I need to find a balance.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

It’s the Small Things

1 Mar

I am so grateful to be home this week back with the husband and animals. Traveling is fun but it’s so nice to come home!

Enjoy your family and have a wonderful weekend!

Father-in-Law and Husband

Father-in-Law and Husband

This is totally Shane! Ha LOVE IT!!

This is totally Shane! Ha LOVE IT!!

Bruce, Rhonda and Boo Boo - Lazy Sunday morning!

Bruce, Rhonda and Boo Boo – Lazy Sunday morning!

Visiting Ohio and Spending Time with Ohio Family

28 Feb

Last week I was sent to Cleveland for a work trip and so I took the opportunity to travel south of Cleveland for the weekend to Cincinnati to visit family.

Technically they are my family-in-law, they are the husbands close cousins who I happen to love. And thank goodness they love me too because they treated us like we were on vacation.

My friend Rochelle, who also happens to work with me agreed to come with me and stay with the Jarvis clan. Rochelle and I drove down from Cleveland Friday and stopped in Columbus to visit the German Village. We ate at this adorable German restaurant called Schmidts. We walked around downtown Columbus, well I think it was down town – it reminded me of Columbus’ version of Nob Hill.

We made our way to Cincinnati where we were greeted with family, food and margaritas! We were treated to home cooked breakfasts (with mimosas) every morning. We watched a 4th grade championship game, hit up Skyline and Montgomery Inn and most importantly we spent time with family!

Rochelle and I drinking German beer at Schmidts in Columbus

Rochelle and I drinking German beer at Schmidts in Columbus

We saw these Dukin Diva's win their championship game after an undefeated season!

We saw these Dukin Diva’s win their championship game after an undefeated season!

4-Way with beans!

4-Way with beans!


This just makes me happy!

This just makes me happy!

Ohio Family

Ohio Family

Montgomery Inn with the family!

Montgomery Inn with the family!

Like Father Like Son

Like Father Like Son


27 Feb

I have been thinking a lot about my blog and wondering if I should continue doing it.

I wanted to make it more focused to a topic and subject but couldn’t pick one I really liked. I also didn’t want to end up hating said subject because I felt like I had to write about it. And I do a lot of other fun stuff that I didn’t want to ignore….. So I have been back and forth on what to do and the future of this blog.

One of the biggest pleasures I get from writing about my activities and adventures is that my family near and far gets to keep up with the husband, me and the animals. And for some reason I thought I needed to reach more people and get more people interested in my blog.

In my professional career (all eight years of it) I have worked in an area where I am selling and promoting more views and more attention. More of everything – how to get more people to be interested in your company or product. Basically more is better. So I think I started applying that concept to my blog – but I was wrong. I needed to re-evaluate my own concept of audience (see that Miller Heiman reference 🙂 And what this blog is about.

So – this blog is going to be about my life, adventures, things I love and activities. I am not vain or self-centered for writing about myself, I just want to share my experiences with whoever would like to read about it. So I will continue writing about books I love, recipes that I have tried and different events, activities and shenanigans the husband and I embark upon so my family can keep tabs on us and friends who I don’t see a lot or are far away can still feel close to me. And If I meet some new friends along the way the more the merrier!

With that said, I am excited to start blogging again.

Happy New Year?

11 Feb

Yeah it’s February but one thing you should know about me – I am always late. I am trying to fix that and have been doing a better job but sometimes I slip into old habits and show up a little late for things. This is my excuse explanation for the lack of new blogs.

January was such a crazy busy month for me and I feel like I am finally catching up. So just know I have some great new hobbies to try and old hobbies to report on.

The 12 Dates of Christmas was a successful hobby I might have to reinvent that into something like the Four Dates of Labor Day of something (get ready husband).  I got a lot of reading done so I have some new books to report on. I also want to try a lot of news activities. I am turning 30 this year so I believe I can get away with doing some unexpected things…..

The 12th Date of Christmas

18 Jan


So on our final date I took Shane to a trampoline park!

Yes that’s right a trampoline park!

Imagine a huge room filled with trampolines. Trampolines that go on the wall! It was the best place ever! We went to Xtreme Hang Time in Albuquerque.

There was an area for trampoline dodgeball area where Shane and I played with two little red-head boys (one of which hit me hard in the boob and laughed!) There was also an area where you could jump, tumble and flip into foam pits. If you have ever been to a gymnastic gym the have similar pits you can try new skills into – so fun but SO SO SO hard to get out of! Shane and I had a blast! It was a great work out and we were sore the next day but we had so much fun! We got some gift certificates for my little cousins to try it out. We have been back a couple of times since!!

After that fun I took Shane to an arcade called Nickel city and we played our favorite arcade game Area 51! We LOVE that game and it’s old so hard to find. At Nickel city you pay $2 to get in and some of the games are free – so when we found out Area 51 was a free game we went crazy! So much fun! A great way to end the 12 dates of Christmas!

The 12 dates of Christmas were a lot of fun and really made Shane and I get creative and considerate during a time of year that can easily stress. It also gave us time to appreciate each other and not worry about all the commercial factors Christmas brings with it. If we do this again next  year the only thing I would do different is start a little earlier. But so fun, romantic and beautiful!!



Trampoline pits

Trampoline pits


Trampoline Dodge Ball

Trampoline Dodgeball

IMG_3990 Area 51

Area 51 - best game ever!

Area 51 – best game ever!

11th Date of Christmas

17 Jan

Ok sorry this is getting drawn out but I don’t want to leave you hanging and I am almost done.

So although nothing could top the 10th date of Christmas I took Shane on our 11th Date of Christmas which was my morning date. We both wanted to do this but I scheduled it first!

The Zoo in Albuquerque is awesome! And every year around the holidays they give some of the animals presents with food and toys in them so they can open them. They even open the Zoo early so it’s more of a special event.

I took Shane to the Zoo to watch the animals open presents!  We got there super early so we could see all the animals (gorillas, orangutans, cats and elephants got presents) but it was so cold only the cats got the presents.

Next year we won’t get up so early to go unless it’s unseasonably warm. They won’t let the gorillas and orangutans out unless it’s above freezing.

The cats were fun to watch open presents but not as fun as the gorillas and orangutans! Those gorillas LOVED the presents . They had popcorn balls and paper and other fun treats for them on the inside. One gorilla would eat all the popcorn, then throw it up in her hand and eat it again! It was like the never-ending treat!! And sooo gross.

If you live in Albuquerque I highly suggest you visit the animals when they get presents next year.

After the Zoo we had brunch at the cutest most delicious restaurant! It’s called Farm and Table. And everything they make they grow or get locally! Even the milk! It was delicious! And we were lucky enough to run into a friend from high school who gave us a free treat!

Shane had  the Farmers’ Quiche – Made with seasonal vegetables, local eggs, and cheese, served with breakfast potatoes and bacon. I had the Poached eggs over grilled baguette and we split a cinnamon roll. We got a free Churro from our friend Joe.

Yumm so tasty!


gorilla enjoying some Christmas popcorn

gorilla enjoying some Christmas popcorn


Orangutans - see the baby at the bottom?! So cute!!

Orangutans – see the baby at the bottom?! So cute!!


Cinnamon roll at Farm and Table

Cinnamon roll at Farm and Table



Farmers’ Quiche - Made with seasonal vegetables, local eggs, and cheese, served with breakfast potatoes and bacon

Farmers’ Quiche – Made with seasonal vegetables, local eggs, and cheese, served with breakfast potatoes and bacon

Poached eggs over grilled baguette

Poached eggs over grilled baguette

Farm and Table