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The 12th Date of Christmas

18 Jan


So on our final date I took Shane to a trampoline park!

Yes that’s right a trampoline park!

Imagine a huge room filled with trampolines. Trampolines that go on the wall! It was the best place ever! We went to Xtreme Hang Time in Albuquerque.

There was an area for trampoline dodgeball area where Shane and I played with two little red-head boys (one of which hit me hard in the boob and laughed!) There was also an area where you could jump, tumble and flip into foam pits. If you have ever been to a gymnastic gym the have similar pits you can try new skills into – so fun but SO SO SO hard to get out of! Shane and I had a blast! It was a great work out and we were sore the next day but we had so much fun! We got some gift certificates for my little cousins to try it out. We have been back a couple of times since!!

After that fun I took Shane to an arcade called Nickel city and we played our favorite arcade game Area 51! We LOVE that game and it’s old so hard to find. At Nickel city you pay $2 to get in and some of the games are free – so when we found out Area 51 was a free game we went crazy! So much fun! A great way to end the 12 dates of Christmas!

The 12 dates of Christmas were a lot of fun and really made Shane and I get creative and considerate during a time of year that can easily stress. It also gave us time to appreciate each other and not worry about all the commercial factors Christmas brings with it. If we do this again next  year the only thing I would do different is start a little earlier. But so fun, romantic and beautiful!!



Trampoline pits

Trampoline pits


Trampoline Dodge Ball

Trampoline Dodgeball

IMG_3990 Area 51

Area 51 - best game ever!

Area 51 – best game ever!


11th Date of Christmas

17 Jan

Ok sorry this is getting drawn out but I don’t want to leave you hanging and I am almost done.

So although nothing could top the 10th date of Christmas I took Shane on our 11th Date of Christmas which was my morning date. We both wanted to do this but I scheduled it first!

The Zoo in Albuquerque is awesome! And every year around the holidays they give some of the animals presents with food and toys in them so they can open them. They even open the Zoo early so it’s more of a special event.

I took Shane to the Zoo to watch the animals open presents!  We got there super early so we could see all the animals (gorillas, orangutans, cats and elephants got presents) but it was so cold only the cats got the presents.

Next year we won’t get up so early to go unless it’s unseasonably warm. They won’t let the gorillas and orangutans out unless it’s above freezing.

The cats were fun to watch open presents but not as fun as the gorillas and orangutans! Those gorillas LOVED the presents . They had popcorn balls and paper and other fun treats for them on the inside. One gorilla would eat all the popcorn, then throw it up in her hand and eat it again! It was like the never-ending treat!! And sooo gross.

If you live in Albuquerque I highly suggest you visit the animals when they get presents next year.

After the Zoo we had brunch at the cutest most delicious restaurant! It’s called Farm and Table. And everything they make they grow or get locally! Even the milk! It was delicious! And we were lucky enough to run into a friend from high school who gave us a free treat!

Shane had  the Farmers’ Quiche – Made with seasonal vegetables, local eggs, and cheese, served with breakfast potatoes and bacon. I had the Poached eggs over grilled baguette and we split a cinnamon roll. We got a free Churro from our friend Joe.

Yumm so tasty!


gorilla enjoying some Christmas popcorn

gorilla enjoying some Christmas popcorn


Orangutans - see the baby at the bottom?! So cute!!

Orangutans – see the baby at the bottom?! So cute!!


Cinnamon roll at Farm and Table

Cinnamon roll at Farm and Table



Farmers’ Quiche - Made with seasonal vegetables, local eggs, and cheese, served with breakfast potatoes and bacon

Farmers’ Quiche – Made with seasonal vegetables, local eggs, and cheese, served with breakfast potatoes and bacon

Poached eggs over grilled baguette

Poached eggs over grilled baguette

Farm and Table

10th Date of Christmas

9 Jan

On our 10th (and maybe my favorite) date of Christmas it was Shane’s stay at home date.

Shane told me to bundle up because we were going to be outside. I naturally assumed we were going somewhere (I didn’t know it was the stay at home date) so when he went to put the dogs out I followed him. Well I was not supposed to do that because he had this whole set up outside with Christmas music, a fire, food and s’mores! He even put up extra Christmas lights on the tree and the fence!

I ruined his surprise! But it was still really special!

We put chicken and vegetables on pitchfork looking things and cooked them in the fire. Shane made the best tzatziki sauce and we had chicken and veggie pitas! Sooo good! Then we made s’mores with fun candy.

This was so romantic and beautiful! This was my favorite date of all! And it was extra special because Bruce and Rhonda got to go on this date with us!

Lighting the fire

Lighting the fire


Chicken and veggie pitas vith the best tzatziki sauce!

Chicken and veggie pitas vith the best tzatziki sauce!

Bruce and Rhonda and the fire

Bruce and Rhonda and the fire

S’more station with wine of course!

S’more station with wine of course!

S’mores with Twix candy bars!

S’mores with Twix candy bars!

Bruce and Rhonda in the firelight!

Bruce and Rhonda in the firelight!


8th Date of Christmas

21 Dec

On the 8th date of Christmas I took Shane on our “Something Old” date. We got tickets from our good friend Joann (she has season tickets and let us have them for this game) to the Lobo Aggie men’s basketball game.

This qualifies as something old because Shane and I loved going to NMSU basketball games in Las Cruces! And since they only come to Albuquerque once a year to play the Lobos I thought it would be fun to wear NMSU/Aggie t-shirts in a sea of Lobos.

NMSU and UNM have a big rivalry being the only division one schools in New Mexico. And although the Aggies lost (UNM is really good – ranked 16th in the nation!) we had a lot of fun!

After the game I took Shane to our favorite restaurant Mimmo’s Ristorante and Pizzeria. WE LOVE THIS PLACE! We want to submit it to be on Diners, Dive-ins and Dives.

After dinner we went home and baked up a storm – seriously we stayed up super late baking Christmas treats. This is something we do every year so it fit with the “Something Old” date.

Lobos vs. Aggies

The Pit - Lobos vs. Aggies 2012

The Pit – Lobos vs. Aggies 2012

Yummy Food

Baking supplies

Baking supplies

6th Date of Christmas

19 Dec

On the 6th date of Christmas Shane and I had a “Stay at Home Date” – this was originally supposed to be a “Get out of the House” date…. But Shane and I are natural homebodies and it was cold out so we decided to stay home decorate the tree and eat junk food. It was raining and windy and it was the perfect day to snuggle up and make relax.

We put on Elf (which I think is one of the best newer Christmas movies and will someday be a classic) and I handed Shane ornaments for and he put them on the tree.  It was a great and cozy day!

Our Tree

Our Tree

Boo Boo's first experience with Christmas Lights

Boo Boo’s first experience with Christmas Lights

My favorite Christmas Ornament

My favorite Christmas Ornament


5th Date of Christmas

18 Dec

On the 5th date of Christmas we went to see the Nutcracker!

Strangely, I have never seen this ballet before! Shane took me for our something new date and it was beautiful!

After the ballet we had ice cream. Can’t get much better than that!

The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker Ballet

Ice Cream

4th Date of Christmas

5 Dec

I took Shane to a dinner and a movie for our 4th Date of Christmas!

We went to this amazing Mediterranean & Persian restaurant called Pars Cuisine. My friend Rochelle took me there once and she knows what good Persian food is because she’s Persian! It’s like someone from New Mexico approving of Mexican food somewhere other than the Southwest!

So I wanted to introduce Shane to some amazing and different food! I meant to take pictures of the food, but it was so good it didn’t last too long!

After that we went and saw a movie at the dollar movies! And this particular movie theater (Cinemark Movies 8 on San Mateo means a lot to me because I feel like I saw most movies there when I was young with my brother. We saw FernGully, A Time to Kill, White Men Can’t Jump, Desperado and many more!

Shane and I FINALLY saw Dark Knight Rises. We might have been the last people in the world to see this movie but it was worth the wait! WE LOVED IT!

So good!

And I bought the DVD yesterday so we can watch it again and again!

Have you guys watched the Dark Knight Rises? Do you think it was the best of the Trilogy?

Movie Candy!!

Movie Candy!!

Dark Knight Rises - And $5! Can't beat that!

Dark Knight Rises – And $5! Can’t beat that!