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Adult Night, Weddings, Art Show and Breaking Bad- What I Did This Weekend

25 Sep

I had a wonderful weekend!

I spent Friday night with great friends at Explora’s Adult Night. To clarify, Adult Night is a chance for “adults” to go play in a children’s museum. No kids are allowed! YAY!!!

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Seriously, wedding needs to be in a magazine and it helps that the bride and groom could totally be the models they are so pretty!

The wedding was outside at the groom’s mom’s house. They had these wheat silos they emptied out and they had the bar in there. There were beautiful twinkle lights strung over the dance floor and the tables.  The food was delicious and served family style which was something I had never experienced. It was really amazing because it made us interact with and get to know the other people at our table.

This wedding was so beautiful – great job to everyone involved. And congratulations to Ryan and Lisa!

The Wedding

Wedding Lights

Burke Family – some of us are missing. And I don’t know why they took it from so far away! We were also doing a mix of silly photos with normal ones – this was in between.

Ryan and Lisa – the beautiful bride and groom!

The Bride and Groom

Sunday was dedicated to recovery from the wedding, watching football and most importantly going to an art show the Husband was in! His painting even sold! Congratulations to you Husband.

Shane’s Painting

Sprinkled throughout the weekend the Husband and I watched some episodes of Breaking Bad season two! Yes we have joined the masses. And this show is really amazing! LOVE IT!


NFL – Fantasy Football Draft and so much more

5 Sep

This week is the beginning of football which means a lot to a lot of people.

Last weekend I partook in a new ritual called Fantasy Football Draft day!

On Sunday I went to the in-laws and watched some young men and some old men pick their teams for the upcoming Fantasy Football season HA! It was crazy and fun. I “helped” the father-in-law with his team. I really Googled athlete’s names and told him if they were hurt or what the fantasy people were saying about them. I don’t know how helpful I really was.

An hour later everyone had their teams and it was over.

It was so cute how excited they all got about their Fantasy Football teams! And I think is funny that a lot of them forget who THEIR team is and start to care about their fantasy players. They stop cheering for one team and start cheering for a bunch of people on different teams.

However this week also brings something new for my brother any I. It’s not only the first week of the 2012 football season, but it’s the first week of football season without our dad.

And today is the Dallas vs. Giants game.

My dad always said he had two favorite teams, the Cowboys and whoever was playing the Giants.

So today will be exciting for the hordes of Cowboy fans in New Mexico and all over the country (and my cousin Monica who is like the only Giant fan in New Mexico – I know weird) but for my brother and I it will be a little sad. We still plan on doing something special Wednesday but it will be a first, among other firsts we have had to deal with this year.

Either way I am excited for football season. My favorite thing to do is lay on the couch during football season and leave the windows open and cuddle up under blanket and take a nap at halftime! I love the brisk weather football season brings!

So to everyone who loves football or just the festivities that come with it – enjoy!

PS my dad was a cool Cowboy fan – not an annoying fan most people hate. He would never paint his car with a  big star on it or throw a TV out of the window or refer to them as “his boys” – He was a classy fan.

And also – before I forget – to the real sports lovers out there, a couple of my friends have an amazing sports blog. They draw/paint old sports legends and write funny stories, poems and other things about them. It’s called Little Happy Clouds


Fantasy Football Draft

Fantasy Football – for women

Fantasy Football for ME

And my favorite nerd! Love the Green Chili Sanchize Shirt.

Even Bro-In-Law got in on the Fantasy Football