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It’s the Small Things

28 Sep

Today I head to Vegas to celebrate some bigger things. My dear friend Natisha’s 30th birthday. We met in college because we are both nerds who had to sit in the front of the class, and we have been Josatisha ever since.

And thanks Fate Friend for coming with me to make this our 4th Vegas trip together!

So here is to Natisha – Love you!


And I can’t forget a few small things”


Boo Boo took up the dog bed

The joys of having a different name





Lunchtime Links

27 Sep

I have a short week this week because on Friday the fate friend and some other friends and I are heading to Vegas to celebrate my dear friend Natisha’s 30th birthday in Vegas!!!

I have not had a vacation all year. I have had some time off but I seem to be more busy during that time or dealing with other crap. So this will be the first vacation and time off where the main point is to have fun!

So, as you can imagine, I am super excited! And it’s a little hard to concentrate with the upcoming trip and oh did I mention I have more vacation time to celebrate, with the Husband, our anniversary! I am a lucky girl – I get to go to Vegas for the weekend and have the rest of the week off to hang out and relax with the Husband.

I thought I would share with you some videos and links that have got me through the week. I have to thank for filling my lunches with mindless info and laughter and also for fun quizzes and facts.

So please enjoy some lunchtime links:

50 of the Most Romantic Photos of all Time

The last photo makes me want to cry!

 All 32 NFL Quarterbacks and their Muppet Doppelganger

The last photo makes me want to pee my pants – as my new BFF would say!

I want to be friends with Jennifer Lawrence because of these clips.

Caramel Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

26 Sep

I made these cupcakes for my friend Arantha’s birthday!

The husband helped me decorate. I had another decoration idea but it failed miserably so I am going to work on that and perfect it before I post about it. . .

This is such a great, delicious and fun treat! I LOVE LOVE LOVE caramel apples and basically anything that has caramel! And these did not disappoint.

I did a semi homemade recipe for this to save some time – but please feel free to use your favorite cake recipe.

Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Adapted from Something Shiny

What You Need:

1 box of yellow or spice cake mix

Two peeled and sliced up apples

1 Tablespoon sugar

3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Half a lemon

35 caramels (I use the ones you can microwave and make caramel apples)

1 teaspoon heavy cream or milk


Make the cake according to the instructions on the box.

In a small bowl combine the apples, sugar, cinnamon and lemon. Mix it well and let it rest while you make the caramel

Melt half the caramel with the heavy cream (adding the cream will make the caramel not hard when the cupcakes cool.

After you have poured the cupcakes in the cupcake tins put the apples
in the middle then spoon the caramel on top.

Bake at 350 degrees for 18 – 22 min

Let them cool for 15 min in the cupcake tins on a cooling rack then take them out and let them cool all the way before you frost.

Use the left over frosting to decorate

Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

What You Need:

4 oz (1/2 block) cream cheese, room temperature

1 stick (4 oz) butter, room temperature

1 teaspoon vanilla

3-4 cups powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/3 cup heavy whipping cream


Beat butter thoroughly until smooth. Scrape bowl and add 1 cup sugar beating thoroughly. Add vanilla; beat. Add remaining 2 more cups sugar and cream cheese – mix until combined.

Add heavy cream and beat on high until light and fluffy. This will take a few minutes and you’ll need to scrape the bowl a few times during the process. If the mix seems too thin, add more sugar a little at a time until it reaches piping consistency. If it’s too thick, add more cream (or milk).


Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Caramel Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

Caramel Apple Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Buttercream Frosting

Adult Night, Weddings, Art Show and Breaking Bad- What I Did This Weekend

25 Sep

I had a wonderful weekend!

I spent Friday night with great friends at Explora’s Adult Night. To clarify, Adult Night is a chance for “adults” to go play in a children’s museum. No kids are allowed! YAY!!!

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to. Seriously, wedding needs to be in a magazine and it helps that the bride and groom could totally be the models they are so pretty!

The wedding was outside at the groom’s mom’s house. They had these wheat silos they emptied out and they had the bar in there. There were beautiful twinkle lights strung over the dance floor and the tables.  The food was delicious and served family style which was something I had never experienced. It was really amazing because it made us interact with and get to know the other people at our table.

This wedding was so beautiful – great job to everyone involved. And congratulations to Ryan and Lisa!

The Wedding

Wedding Lights

Burke Family – some of us are missing. And I don’t know why they took it from so far away! We were also doing a mix of silly photos with normal ones – this was in between.

Ryan and Lisa – the beautiful bride and groom!

The Bride and Groom

Sunday was dedicated to recovery from the wedding, watching football and most importantly going to an art show the Husband was in! His painting even sold! Congratulations to you Husband.

Shane’s Painting

Sprinkled throughout the weekend the Husband and I watched some episodes of Breaking Bad season two! Yes we have joined the masses. And this show is really amazing! LOVE IT!

It’s the Small Things

21 Sep

This weeks small things that I am grateful for –

I saw this picture on Facebook. I normally roll my eyes and tell myself a very sarcastic and hilarious a joke that is so funny I don’t think anyone else can handle it when I see these “Like if you blah blah blah” pictures. But this was so special and beautiful it made me tear up. I hope it makes your week a little brighter.

This little girl inspires me

Homemade Sunday breakfasts! The Husband, as I have said before is an amazing cook and likes to make up his on recipes. He made up this breakfast casserole. I am trying to get him to write it down so I can share the awesomeness!

breakfast casserole

breakfast casserole



Great Friends – Awww the fate friend got me a subscription to Allure just because she is nice: ) Thanks fate friend! Can’t wait until VEGAS!!!!

Oh yes a week from today I will be in Las Vegas – or as I now refer to it Rack City Bitch.

Opening the refrigerator and finding baby axolotl food. Yes the axolotl’s were at it again and now the husband is a proud father of 100. And this is what they eat – ewww.



And of couse these two love birds.


Have a great weekend everyone!

Book IT! White Horse and Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

19 Sep

Do you remember book fairs? I LOVED when book fairs rolled into the small town where my elementary and middle schools existed.

I loved the way they smelled. Anyone else know what I’m talking about? There are not a lot of things that smell as good as a new book.

And although I have an eReader (I have a Nook) and I like it I miss a real book. I got the eReader because my house is small and I was running out of room to keep my beloved sweet-smelling books. So until I have my dream house with a dream library I will keep the eReader.

Another great memory about reading – does any remember BOOK IT!? Where you read for pizza! What a great idea. I loved the personal pan pizza you got and the reading passport!  We used to drive all the way to the “city” to get our pizza. And I really didn’t need the pizza to keep me reading – I just loved to eat and read!

Book It Pizza Hut

So I recently read a couple of books I couldn’t put down and I thought I would share.

The Husband suggested I read White Horse (book one in a trilogy – but great on it’s own)

I loved this book! I stayed up really late multiple nights reading this. I love end of the world stories and this does not disappoint. I didn’t know until I finished the book that two more were coming. So that was exciting. This story was beautiful, gives the reader hope and does something different with the setting. Most end of the world stories keep the main character at a home base – the heroin in this story goes out on an adventure and travels the world, or what’s left of it. It also flashes back to the time leading up to the disease that brings about the end of the world and her decision to leave her city.

Read this if you love adventure, end of the world and love stories.

Here is a little more about it –

Thirty-year-old Zoe leads an ordinary life until the end of the world arrives. She is cleaning cages and floors at Pope Pharmaceuticals when the President of the United States announces that human beings are no longer a viable species. When Zoe realizes that everyone she loves is disappearing, she starts running. Scared and alone in a shockingly changed world, she embarks on a remarkable journey of survival and redemption. Along the way, Zoe comes to see that humans are not defined by their genetic code, but rather by their actions and choices. White Horse offers hope for a broken world, where love can lead to the most unexpected places.

White Horse

My cousin suggested I read Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter and so I did.  It was exactly what the title said. Abe is a vampire hunter – and if that’s not enough for you, all the other little facts and tidbits you learn about him that are true are so interesting!  Like, did you know Edgar Allen Poe and Abe were friends? Me either until I read this book! I was looking up people left and right and leaning more about history with every page.

Read this book if you love Abraham Lincoln (duh) Vampires and history.

I have not seen the movie yet but it’s coming in the Netflix soon!

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

So please read and smell a book, maybe eat some pizza and remember how much fun it is to read!

But don’t take my word for it…

Homemade Popcorn

18 Sep

I saw this nifty little trick on Pinterest and decided I needed to try it.

I bought all these brown paper bags for baby shower I hosted this summer with some amazing DIY plans for them. But I ran out of time and didn’t use them.

So I thought, hey I love popcorn, I am cheap, pop corn kernels are cheap and this does not look like it would work. So because I wanted to test the powers of Pinterest, I tried to make my own popcorn – and it worked!

And this is what I did

1/3 cup popcorn kernels

Brown paper bags


And creativity

1/3 cup is enough for me, maybe a little less. Just put the kernels in the bag and pop. Just like normal popcorn listen to when the frequency of the popping stops and that’s when you need to pull it out.

I mixed the kernels with a little olive oil and salt to give it some flavor. I also added some garlic powder. But your options are limitless. You can make it sweet by adding cinnamon and sugar or melt some butter and pour it over. Whatever you want!

It’s fun, cheap and fast 🙂


1/3 cup popcorn kernels

Homemade popcorn in a bag in my microwave. Didn’t know how to make this pretty – sorry.

Homemade Popcorn – Yummm