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31 Oct

I love Halloween and have been busy with my costumes and Halloween plans so sorry for the lack of posts.

This year I had two costumes. One for parties and one for work. Anytime I can get away with wearing comfy clothes to work I take it so I decided to be a Ninja. And I must say it’s very fun carrying around fake swords!

My other costume is a dead bride. I have two Halloween events to go to this year so I get to wear it twice!

So everyone enjoy Halloween, dress up (you are never too old) eat candy, watch scary movies and carve some pumpkins!

Dead Bride


Pumpkin Pi



It’s the Small Things

26 Oct

This week I finally got into the Halloween Spirit (and candy)!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the feel, look and smell of it. You know the smell, when you can smell Fall or a wood stove for the first time….. That always reminds me of Halloween.

This week I am grateful for fun Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

Halloween Pumpkins

The American Horror nights with the Husband and our friend Cannon! We started watching American Horror last year and making fun food, drinking wine and hanging out! Such fun nights!

Cannon and me!

The Pretty Little Liar Halloween special was this week! And if that was not great on its own, my friend and fellow blogger Arantha came over to watch with me. We made a fun fall fruit and cheese plate,  ate some rotisserie chicken and drank some red wine. Everything was healthy until we broke into the Halloween candy and made ourselves sick because we ate too much.  I guess you never learn…..

Fall Cheese and Fruit Plate

Arantha and Tootse! Check out Arantha’s blog

I also enjoyed two pets with their tongues sticking out.

Tootse – sometimes her tounge just gets stuck

Have a great weekend!

Roasting Green Chile

24 Oct

So the time of roasting green chile in bulk has passed. But if you find the need for more chile and don’t want the frozen stuff – here is how to roast your own green chile.

The husband and I do this because it’s just the two of us and we like fresh green chile better than frozen green chile. Don’t get me wrong I love all green chile but if you have the time, do it this way. It also makes your house smell like paradise and it’s fun to do with someone you love. Ahhhh yeah that was a little annoying sorry.

Here is what you need to know and do to roast your own chile

What you need

Green chiles – it’s easier if you can find straight chiles. The chiles that are twisted are hard to roast on all four sides.

Here is how you do it

Put the raw chiles in a cast iron skillet on high heat and let them blister and get black on all sides. You should be able to smell the wonderfulness.

Wrap them all in a towel really tight and let them steep for 15 min or so.

Then you would cut the stem off and peel the black charred skin off and chop those bad boys up!

That’s all folks!


What’s Been Going On Lately

23 Oct

I suck –

Sorry for the lack of blogs! But I have been busy and a little lazy.

Some things to update you one since I posted last –

I saw another black widow and killed it. I also documented it so please enjoy.

I went to Las Vegas to celebrate a birthday of one of my dearest friends and I met up with friends from all over the country. I also met the biggest train wreck ever – Flavor Flav -and he was totally wearing a clock!  I bought the little bastard and his girl a drink thinking it would get me more drinks – no go – apparently he is a broke ass. And two weeks later he got arrested for assault. But I did become BFF with a Las Vegas police officer from Peru and it’s always good to have friends in high places….. Sorry Garth I also have the other variety.

I celebrated three years of marriage with a beautiful breakfast, resident evil and a homemade dinner!

The husband fixed my teddy bear from my childhood – Daisy.

When I was born, my dad passed his teddy bear to me so this is one old bear. Her name is Daisy and she has been through a lot. She has been shaved courtesy of my dad, baptized, had a sex change (when she was my dad’s she was a boy when she got passed to me she became a girl) her ears have been pierced, head fell off and glued back on with Elmer’s glue, and she has fallen apart.

When I was little my brother pushed me into a puddle of mud (I know what a great brother) and Daisy got really really muddy! I was at my grandma’s house and my wonderful grandma decided to wash the teddy bear who was 40+ years old in the washing machine. Needless to say she fell apart. My grandma, being the Mexican Hispanic Northern New Mexican she was, sewed on tights (from Avon) to the teddy bear to keep her legs on. But poor Daisy was still a mess. She was never allowed to leave the house again…. Until I grew up and moved out and got my own house. I brought Daisy to my new house and family.

Shane fixed my childhood blanket for our two-year anniversary and this year, he gave Daisy a makeover. He sent her to this lady who specializes in fixing old teddy bears and I must say she fixed Daisy. Daisy can now rotate all four limbs without losing one. She has a nose, she also has eyes and her head moves.

Young Daisy

New Daisy!

I also helped my work build an awesome Canstruction for Roadrunner food bank. We lost to the Girl Scouts –sluts – they are totally doing something to win because this is the third year in a row we lost to them eww.

So I plan to have more posts and be better about blogging.

Black Widow Bites – Those Bitches!

10 Oct

About a year ago I noticed my leg/butt hurt. At first I thought it was a pimple and I was grossed out – like really I was embarrassed so I didn’t say anything at first. But then the pain got worse and a couple of days later I thought I was coming down with the flu. I didn’t want to tell the husband because I had just got the flu shot and he says every time I get the flu shot I get sick which is totally not true!

We were moving the bro-in-law to his new house and I fell down the stairs and landed on what I later learned was a spider bite. It was super painful holy crap I will admit I cried a little!

So time went by and my bite grew super big. It was so swollen and hot that you could see it through my jeans and feel the heat through my jeans. It had a huge white circle around it and the actual bite was red and angry.

It hurt so bad I could not sleep on that side and any pants that rubbed against it really hurt. Then gross stuff started to come out of it. I know you all want to hear that, but seriously black stuff came out of it.

The husband was so sweet and took me to Ten Thousand Waves for our anniversary and got me a lot of spa treatments. I had to warn the staff there not to rub my leg and they all made me show them the bite.

After a lot research we discovered this was not just any bite but a black widow bite. When we first moved in I found a black widow and I wouldn’t let the husband kill it because she killed cockroaches and I hate those bastards. Then I fed the black widow a cock roach and it was kind of cool.

However, that bitch totally screwed me over and took a chunk out of my leg! I don’t know when it happened, but I will never keep another black widow alive.

Since the horrible experience of being bit (I totally want to start a support group) we have killed several black widows and their babies!

So now that I have a beautiful scar on my ass (I was just saying leg/butt earlier because I was a little embarrassed but honesty I got a bite on my ass … boo)

Anyone else part of the “I got bit by a black widow club” besides fate friend?

Yeah these two bitches were at my house – don’t worry they are dead and so are their babies

Black Widow


Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and new Traditions

9 Oct

This weekend was the beginning of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

The Balloon Fiesta is a BIG deal! People travel all over the world to experience the festivities. And most people who grew up in New Mexico have some fun memories of the Balloon Fiesta.

I remember bundling up as a little kid and driving all the way to Albuquerque from the “country” to see the Balloons. One year my mom didn’t take us into the actual Balloon Park, she let us pick a balloon and we drove all around Albuquerque following the Balloon! I also have fond memories of staying up all night with my friend Jacquelyn and deciding since we were up might as well go get a burrito and see some balloons.

This year, the husband and I started a new tradition! Like I said the Balloon Fiesta is a big deal! So because of all the people who come to see and experience the festivities, there is a lot of traffic and lines and well people. So, since I am not always a fan of traffic or lines the husband and I decided to do something different.

We decided we would wake up early, get some breakfast burritos and find a spot to park and watch all the balloons.

I set my alarm for 6:30 Saturday morning and checked Twitter and Facebook to see if the Balloons were given the OK to fly. Annnnddd they were not. They were officially grounded because of high winds. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Same thing Sunday but they were given the green light. So we loaded up the dogs, got some delicious breakfast burritos from Lotta Burger and did a little off-roading to find a great spot. Bruce and Rhonda ran around and Shane and I watched balloons. It was wonderful!

Can’t wait to do it again next year.

What are some of your favorite Balloon Fiesta traditions?

2012 Balloon Fiesta

Bruce and Rhonda running

Hot Air Balloon

Three Years

3 Oct

Three years ago today I married my best friend. And eleven years ago yesterday we started dating.

Thanks Husband for putting a ring on it! I love you!