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6th Date of Christmas

19 Dec

On the 6th date of Christmas Shane and I had a “Stay at Home Date” – this was originally supposed to be a “Get out of the House” date…. But Shane and I are natural homebodies and it was cold out so we decided to stay home decorate the tree and eat junk food. It was raining and windy and it was the perfect day to snuggle up and make relax.

We put on Elf (which I think is one of the best newer Christmas movies and will someday be a classic) and I handed Shane ornaments for and he put them on the tree.  It was a great and cozy day!

Our Tree

Our Tree

Boo Boo's first experience with Christmas Lights

Boo Boo’s first experience with Christmas Lights

My favorite Christmas Ornament

My favorite Christmas Ornament



I love Penguins!

1 May

I found this amazing picture of penguins this weekend while cleaning out my garage and organizing some of my dad’s things. I wanted to share the picture (and story that went with it) but I realized I couldn’t just share the picture without explaining my weird obsession/love of penguins.

When I was in the 4th grade I was in that weird, awkward, ugly phase in life – you know, when you have plastic glasses with a horse sticker in the corner of one lens because you think it’s sooooooooo cool, you don’t know how to do your hair, you wear all your cousins hand-me-down clothes so that means you are behind the current fashion styles by ten years or so – well during that phase in my life I discovered A LOT of things about myself.

  1. I knew I was never going to be someone who loved math
  2. I learned I LOVED to read
  3. I learned that my brothers favorite teachers in school would be my least favorite
  4. I learned I would never really love science either
  5. I learned how to spell photosynthesis

But most of all I discovered that I love Penguins!

One day I saw a picture of a baby penguin on its dad’s feet in my science book! My heart melted and I knew I would never be the same!

I immediately showed my mom (who was a teacher at the school I went to) she saw how I would stare at that picture for hours every day. One day she told me to just tear the picture out of the book! I didn’t hesitate – if I had the permission of my mom and a teacher to defile a valued 4thgrade Jemez Valley Science book I was not going to think twice. I still have that picture of the baby penguin!

This is the picture I took from my science book!

So to the picture and story that inspired this post.

My dad was an amazing story-teller – one of my favorite stories (and one my friends and family get to hear me tell over and over) is his penguin story. My dad was in the Coast Guard – at one point he was in an ice breaker ship in Antarctica. At some point the ship stopped and they men in the Coast Guard would dare each other to go touch an emperor penguin. So, my dad did it! He went up and touched the penguin and it slapped him – apparently it hurt really bad – but he did it. I recently found this picture – which seems to be an old Polaroid he had taken from the ship of the penguins.

Penguins from my dad's boat

Penguins from my dad's boat -

One of my goals in life is to go to Antarctica and see the penguins – maybe not touch one but defiantly hang out with them.

And if it ever becomes legal, I would cash in my 401K and buy a pet penguin! Maybe two because everyone needs a friend. I would name them Penny and Pacey and we would be so happy!!!!

I made this penguin for a pumpkin decoration contest for work! Yes that's right, behind that adorable penguin is a pumpkin! I got second place!

My husband indulges my penguin infatuation and got me this beautiful Christmas ornament from PierOne

Here he is in the tree!

I even got this beauty from my husband for Christmas!

I even got this beauty from my husband for Christmas!