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My Most Favorite Hobby! Reading!!

23 Jul

The one hobby I know I can stick with is reading!

I love reading. And I just read a couple really good books! The kind of books you can’t put down and you stay up really late to read “one more chapter” – before you know it it’s 4:30 Wednesday morning and you know you have to drink a quadruple latte so you make it through the morning and a then grab a Red Bull for lunch so you can make it through the afternoon and come home and keep reading!

I love that feeling.

I had lost it after I read 50 Shades of Crap. I thought I found it with Game of Thrones but the book is soooo much like the first season of the show that I got a little board. Don’t get me wrong – if you have not seen the show read the book. They show did such a great job I am just going to skip the first book (I only got half way through) and start reading the second book.

So here are a couple books I couldn’t put down:

Savages – by Don Winslow

I have not seen the movie but the book was amazing! But isn’t the book always more amazing than the movie? Yes but this book was exceptional because the writing was so different than what I am used to. It really made you think about what you were reading. And not in an annoying way that makes you feel dumb.

This book was fast paced, fun, sexy, crazy, violent and had twists and turns. I fell in love with all the characters and feel like I learned a lot about the Mexican drug cartels.

Number one lesson – don’t get involved in any way with the Mexican drug cartels! Don’t get involved with the selling, distributing or production of drugs and be surprised when you or someone you love get your knee caps shot up!

So, if you need something different, fast paced and crazy to read – I suggest this book.

I am looking forward to reading the prequel – The Kings of Cool.

Gone Girl – by Gillian Flynn

I love anything by Gillian Flynn!

This book however was so good but so frustrating at the same time! I have never hated the main characters in a book so much but still loved the book until I read this.

Both characters are such awful people! I couldn’t decide which I felt sorry for and which I wanted to “win” – I also didn’t know who to believe!

I would say 99% of the time in a book, movie, TV show, competition of any kind – I am rooting for the girl. Call me a feminist I always want the woman to win.

But in this book – it’s the first time I was not automatically rooting for the woman. I really tried to be on her side but she really made it hard.

This book kept me on my toes and made me sad Gillian Flynn only has two other books which I have already read. Write more lady, I love your books!!!

And so will you so please read this book and her other two! You won’t be sorry!


Packages in the Mail!

8 May

I love getting surprises in the mail!

Even though they are not really surprises, but things I bought – nevertheless I LOVE getting packages in the mail!

What I got in the mail

What I got in the mail

So today when I got home and I had not one, not two but three packages in the mail I literally squealed like a pig and jumped up and down and did the happy jig!!

This is the happy jig! If you see "orbs" in the back ground those are ghosts (so says Paula and Arantha) we just got back from a ghost and voodoo tour in the wonderful New Orleans!

This is the happy jig! If you see “orbs” in the back ground those are ghosts (so says Paula and Arantha) we just got back from a ghost and voodoo tour in the wonderful New Orleans!

Today I got;

The first four books of the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. I will admit that I got these books because the husband and I watched the first season of Game of Thrones in two days, and we LOVED IT. Since we don’t have HBO we have to wait for the second season to come out on Netflix. But this is the very reason I started reading the The Sookie Stackhouse series, which I also LOVE. And in fact, I only rented Game of Thrones because the next season of True Blood (and Dexter) was not available to rent. The Sookie Stackhouse books are so different than the True Blood series I don’t feel like it’s cheating reading ahead.

If you love fantasy or adventure or king and queen type stuff – then Game of Throes is a show for you. And I will let you know about the books later! Also if you love vampires – read the Sookie Stackhouse series! They are fantastic!

The second thing I got in the mail was a book called White Horse which the husband told me about. He said it was like a love story mixed with the end of the world like The Road by Cormac McCarthy which I LOVE!! I LOVE Cormac McCarthy and I love him even more because he lives in Santa Fe, NM. Every time I am in Santa Fe I hope to see him! Even though I would probably not have the guts to approach himJ

So I got White Horse in the mail today and I can’t wait to read it – because I truly love end of the world survival stories (even if there are no zombies in them) – I’ll let you know what I think.

The third thing I got in the mail was a prescription – not as cool as the book (unless your me and you get the prescription at a super deal because you are doing a mail order) but still it’s technically a package in the mail!

So folks that’s it! I will let you know about the books I got and since this is a prescription I normally take there will be no updates!