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New Year’s Resolutions

7 Jan


Its been awhile! Sorry about that, but I am back! Well I am going to try to be!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to blog more. I really enjoyed it so here I go!

Get Ready!

I seriously have a billion resolutions this year and I want to keep some of them. So this is me trying to keep one. And below is my number one resolution with a bunch of sub-resolutions I have to accompany the main resolution.

My number one resolution –

Be Healthy!  Maybe the most popular New Year’s resolution but this is not just losing weight but eating healthier, exercising, doing more active things so I can be healthier!

With the above goal mentioned I have mini goals to go along with that goal.

–          No more diet cokes or sugar substitutes. I hear those are bad for you 🙂 so I am going to cut those out. I usually  never drink regular cokes (or for everyone outside of New Mexico – pop, soft drink, soda) but I am slightly addicted to diet soda.

–      Exercise four times a week. This includes going to the gym, skiing, walking, dancing anything that makes me move more than I normally would.

–          Make more healthy meals

–          Find a gym or exercise method I love. I have tried a couple different gyms (which I will tell you about later) and I have yet to find the one I love.

–          Be outside more – I love to ski and go on walks but I love to lay on the couch all day and watch TV so I need to find a balance.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?