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8th Date of Christmas

21 Dec

On the 8th date of Christmas I took Shane on our “Something Old” date. We got tickets from our good friend Joann (she has season tickets and let us have them for this game) to the Lobo Aggie men’s basketball game.

This qualifies as something old because Shane and I loved going to NMSU basketball games in Las Cruces! And since they only come to Albuquerque once a year to play the Lobos I thought it would be fun to wear NMSU/Aggie t-shirts in a sea of Lobos.

NMSU and UNM have a big rivalry being the only division one schools in New Mexico. And although the Aggies lost (UNM is really good – ranked 16th in the nation!) we had a lot of fun!

After the game I took Shane to our favorite restaurant Mimmo’s Ristorante and Pizzeria. WE LOVE THIS PLACE! We want to submit it to be on Diners, Dive-ins and Dives.

After dinner we went home and baked up a storm – seriously we stayed up super late baking Christmas treats. This is something we do every year so it fit with the “Something Old” date.

Lobos vs. Aggies

The Pit - Lobos vs. Aggies 2012

The Pit – Lobos vs. Aggies 2012

Yummy Food

Baking supplies

Baking supplies


5th Date of Christmas

18 Dec

On the 5th date of Christmas we went to see the Nutcracker!

Strangely, I have never seen this ballet before! Shane took me for our something new date and it was beautiful!

After the ballet we had ice cream. Can’t get much better than that!

The Nutcracker Ballet

The Nutcracker Ballet

Ice Cream

1st Date of Christmas

26 Nov

We had our first date last week!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I took Shane on our “Something New” date. We ate dinner at a restaurant we had never been to called Farina Pizzeria and Wine Bar.  It’s super cute and cozy and the food was delicious! It was crowded since it was the day before Thanksgiving and it seemed like no one wanted to cook. We only had to wait a couple minutes for a table, thank goodness because we had tickets to a concert after dinner.

We went and saw an a cappella group called Straight No Chaser. We were also lucky enough to be the first city on their tour to hear their holiday music. This group is amazing! Hopefully they come back to Albuquerque next year so we can make this a tradition.

I must say the 1st Date of Christmas was a success and fun! I can’t wait for more!!

Farina Pizzeria and Wine Bar

Shane on our 1st Date of Christmas!

This is the pizza we had – Bianca – fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, ricotta, truffle oil, sage, artichoke hearts

At the concert!

12 Dates of Christmas

8 Nov

This Christmas I made up a game and the Husband has graciously said he would play! I saw another blog do something similar to the 12 Dates of Christmas but being the competitive creative person I am I decided we needed to step it up a notch.

So this is how it works –

Start whenever you want (12 dates in December can be a lot so feel free to start in November)

You plan six dates of the below categories and so does your partner so basically you should go on the same date categories twice. However, I bet the dates will be very different!

Figure out who goes first and whoever wins the (“coin toss” or “rock paper scissors, lizard, Spock” or “pick a number between 1 and 10”) or however you figure it out picks a date from the date category below.

Then the second person picks any date category of their choice. And so on and so forth until you have each taken your partner on six dates.

Hopefully ending near Christmas!

12 Dates of Christmas Categories

Dinner and a Movie for Two!

  • This can be a rented movie or a movie in a theater. Dinner can be made at home, at a restaurant or ordered in.

Get out of the house

  • This is exactly what it says – get out of the house. It can be anywhere and you can do anything as long as it’s not in the house.
  • Ideas for this – go on a drive, go on a walk with a picnic, go play mini golf,  go to a concert or event, take a walk in Old Town or in Santa Fe

Stay at Home Date

  • This is the opposite of Get out of the House! Stay in and enjoy each other!
  • Ideas for this – cook dinner together or cook for the other person. Light a fire and cuddle, watch your favorite movie or TV show, eat dinner/dessert, watch a movie in bed, take a bath, give a massage, there are so many ideas for this!!

Something New

  • This can be any kind of activity as long as it’s something you as a couple have never done.
  • Ideas for this – eat at a new restaurant, cook a meal you have never made before, go to a  new city and spend the day there as tourists, do an activity we have never done like go to the shooting range or ice skating

Something Old

  • This is the opposite of Something New –
  • To make this better it would be fun to do something that means a lot to both of you. Like visit the first place you kissed or eat where you had your first date or make your partners favorite meal and watch your favorite movie or TV Show

Morning/Breakfast Date

  • Any kind of date as long as it takes place in the AM
  • Ideas for this – breakfast in bed, brunch at your favorite restaurant, find a great place to watch the sunrise


This can take the place of two of the above dates because it will probably be expensive but here it is –

The Extended Date

  • A weekend away – anything qualifies for an extended date as long as it’s trip somewhere where you stay over night
  • Stay at a bed in breakfast, go to close city and stay there, if you want, hop on a plane and go on a mini vacation
  • Like I said this is a bonus option. It’s the Holidays and things can get expensive so this is only if you find it within your budget or get a great deal

Shane and me on New Years 2011!