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New Healthy Habit – Sitting on a Fitness Ball!

25 Jul

Some of my colleagues have these fitness balls at their desks and I have always been a little intrigued by them.

I finally had the balls (hahaha) to ask one of these colleagues if I could try it out for a bit.

I sit at a desk for eight hours a day and that cannot be good for your backside. I don’t have the option to lift my desk so I can stand and use my desk so I thought the ball might be a great option.

I also need any little trick to burn an few extra calories, because let’s face it I love to eat bad and drink wine.

So, after my trial, I decided I liked it and let’s face it the ball is only $15 at my home away from home Target.

I looked up the benefits of this and found some good tips at Livestrong.com – check out what they said here.

I also found some helpful tips here.

So I am going to try it out and see what happens. Hopefully I don’t fall off.

Anyone else try these balls to sit on at work or home?

My desk and my ball.

This is what I found you should do to make it more comfortable while sitting on the ball.

  • Bounce. Gently bouncing on the ball aligns your spine in its most efficient position and improves the endurance of your postural muscles. Bounce for a few minutes at least every hour that you are sitting. Never bend or twist while you are bouncing. Enjoy.
  • Hip Rolls. While Sitting On A Fitness Ball make a circle with your hips. Do 10 circles in each direction about every hour. This will help to relieve and stretch the muscles of your hips, pelvis, and spine.

  • Pelvic Tilts. Tuck your pelvis under and then go the opposite way by sticking your butt out. Move back and forth, going a little further each time. Repeat about 10 times. This motion opens up the muscles around the pelvis and low back.

The Hunger Games, Zombies and my first Hobby Trial!!!

26 Mar

This weekend I was one of the millions who went and watched The Hunger Games. I also read the book awhile back, and I thought they did a fantastic job with the movie!  Like most people, I always wonder what I would do in that situation. Unlike most people, I would have just jumped off the podium early and blown myself up because there is no way in my current athletic form I would have survived.

I also love the show The Walking Dead (see a pattern) – and again putting myself in a post zombie apocalyptic situation – I might survive a little longer since zombies tend to be a lot dumber than the evil tributes of districts one and two.  However, if I got lost from the group and had to run away from zombies for any length longer than the 50 yards it takes me to get from my door to my car – I would be a zombie for sure, or a zombie snack.

This brings me to my first hobby trial. I am going to start running! Just in case I get stuck in a competition that requires me to fight to the death against my peers. Or WHEN the zombie apocalypse happens (yes I do believe it will happen one day and I have a plan – running is the first step in my plan. More posts to come about that later) I will be ready in the cardio area

I am not a runner. I am 5’1’’ so basically I am short, with short legs. I am not a long distance runner – I just wish I was. So, I am going to try really hard to make that happen. I am going to commit to a 30 day period of running at least three days a week outside. The weather is beautiful so I have no excuse. If after the 30 day period I still cannot stand running – I will try another form of cardio. I will start small and just go by time – 30 minutes of running at least 3 days a week. I will report back – hopefully this will be the first step to better health, better body and better chance of surviving crazy unrealistic, I mean totally scary plausible events of the future.