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7th Date of Christmas

20 Dec

On the 7th date of Christmas Shane made me dinner and we watched the best Christmas movie EVER!

We watched Home Alone which is one of the best Christmas movies EVER! Now don’t get me wrong White Christmas will always be my favorite Christmas movie but Home Alone is second!

And every time I watch home alone I always crave a cheese pizza and mac cheese! Which is exactly what Shane made me.

Now you have to understand that Shane makes the best mac cheese EVER! And my wonderful friend Michelle gave me some penguin pasta so Shane made mac cheese with penguin pasta.  Then we had ice cream!

Best night ever!!!

Click here are some fun trivia facts you might not have known about Home Alone

Penguin Pasta! Thanks Michelle!

Penguin Pasta! Thanks Michelle!

Penguin Pasta

My very own cheese pizza - and mac cheese!

My very own cheese pizza – and mac cheese!

Home Alone and Ice Cream

Rhonda is waiting for Shane to drop something. She is not allowed in the kitchen when we cook so she is waiting just outside. . . .

Rhonda is waiting for Shane to drop something. She is not allowed in the kitchen when we cook so she is waiting just outside. . . .




It’s the Small Things

21 Sep

This weeks small things that I am grateful for –

I saw this picture on Facebook. I normally roll my eyes and tell myself a very sarcastic and hilarious a joke that is so funny I don’t think anyone else can handle it when I see these “Like if you blah blah blah” pictures. But this was so special and beautiful it made me tear up. I hope it makes your week a little brighter.

This little girl inspires me

Homemade Sunday breakfasts! The Husband, as I have said before is an amazing cook and likes to make up his on recipes. He made up this breakfast casserole. I am trying to get him to write it down so I can share the awesomeness!

breakfast casserole

breakfast casserole



Great Friends – Awww the fate friend got me a subscription to Allure just because she is nice: ) Thanks fate friend! Can’t wait until VEGAS!!!!

Oh yes a week from today I will be in Las Vegas – or as I now refer to it Rack City Bitch.

Opening the refrigerator and finding baby axolotl food. Yes the axolotl’s were at it again and now the husband is a proud father of 100. And this is what they eat – ewww.



And of couse these two love birds.


Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s The Small Things

7 Sep

Sometimes I think we all need to take a moment and appreciate all the small things that are going good in our lives. They often get overlooked by the bigger things that are going well and they always get overlooked or forgotten by the things that suck.

So, in an effort to be more grateful and appreciative of life – a new hobby if you will – I want to take some time each week and give a shout out to the good things in life.

Here we go –

Pumpkin flavored drinks

I have not made it to Starbucks to get the Pumpkin Latte yet but I have had the delicious Harvest Pumpkin Ale! Yummmm!!!

Harvest Pumpkin Ale


Homemade meals by candlelight

The husband and I celebrated the end of a long weekend with steaks, salad and wine outside on the table the husband made by candlelight! Fun, romantic and special!


Homemade posole

Posole is one of my favorite meals ever! I made some this weekend with red chile! Yummm

Homemade posole


Rhonda getting her faced clean

This girl gets so dirty! She is always digging or just sticking her face in the dirt so she is always a mess. We (meaning Shane) are always cleaning her face so she doesn’t scare people away!


He is the best! His face is always usually clean.

Life lately according to Rhonda

21 Aug

Rhonda has been extra cute lately! And I can never capture how cute she is in photos. She is that girl who is pretty in real life but unfortunate looking in pictures. But I keep trying. Here are some of Rhonda’s best moments.



Rhonda and Boo Boo

Rhonda and me

Rhonda and Bruce