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10th Date of Christmas

9 Jan

On our 10th (and maybe my favorite) date of Christmas it was Shane’s stay at home date.

Shane told me to bundle up because we were going to be outside. I naturally assumed we were going somewhere (I didn’t know it was the stay at home date) so when he went to put the dogs out I followed him. Well I was not supposed to do that because he had this whole set up outside with Christmas music, a fire, food and s’mores! He even put up extra Christmas lights on the tree and the fence!

I ruined his surprise! But it was still really special!

We put chicken and vegetables on pitchfork looking things and cooked them in the fire. Shane made the best tzatziki sauce and we had chicken and veggie pitas! Sooo good! Then we made s’mores with fun candy.

This was so romantic and beautiful! This was my favorite date of all! And it was extra special because Bruce and Rhonda got to go on this date with us!

Lighting the fire

Lighting the fire


Chicken and veggie pitas vith the best tzatziki sauce!

Chicken and veggie pitas vith the best tzatziki sauce!

Bruce and Rhonda and the fire

Bruce and Rhonda and the fire

S’more station with wine of course!

S’more station with wine of course!

S’mores with Twix candy bars!

S’mores with Twix candy bars!

Bruce and Rhonda in the firelight!

Bruce and Rhonda in the firelight!



Best Christmas Gifts

4 Dec

Tis the season of shopping and Christmas presents and all that jazz!

I have been doing some shopping and trying to get done with gifts early this year! But I started thinking about the best presents I have got throughout my years and I guess I am lucky because I have a lot!

The best present I have ever been given was a jewelry box in 2007 to go with the engagement ring I got on Christmas Eve! Best present ever!

And the best present I got as a kid was Paradise Estates. I waited years for that house! And I LOVED it – still have it!

One of the most memorable gift I ever got was a trip to Disneyland. My parents surprised my brother and me! How awesome right!! Every Christmas we would make the journey from Jemez to Albuquerque to go to my grandparents’ house.

But one year we went to the train station (which no longer exists) instead. There we were told we were going to take a train to Disneyland! We were so excited!!! And we got on the train and took off and an hour later our train stopped. And we waited…. And waited…. And waited. Turns out the trains in front of us derailed and we couldn’t go any further.

We were just a little outside Albuquerque – they put us on greyhound busses and shipped us off to Disneyland. LONGEST TRIP EVER! But so much fun once we got there. Oh and my brother and I were younger and probably annoying.

The Husband’s best Christmas gifts include Bruce – we go him in 2005 from a family in El Paso. They didn’t speak English and we didn’t speak Spanish. We just put some money on the table and they gave us the cutest puppy in the world!

Then Shane said his iPod was the second best gift and his Bose was after that. He obviously loves music!

What are some of your favorite or most memorable Christmas presents?

Nick and me - Christmas in 198something

Nick and me – Christmas in 198something

Nick and me Christmas

Yeah I am holding a Barbie to later house in my new Paradise Estates!

Yeah I am holding a My Little Pony to later house in my new Paradise Estates!

This is where the My Little Pony’s lived! Paradise Estates! I would ask for this every Christmas and Birthday! I finally got it for Christmas one year. My mom let me play with it for a year then took it away and said I could have it back later – she recycled my toys so when I did get it back it was like a new toy! Evil or genius??

This is where the My Little Pony’s lived! Paradise Estates! I would ask for this every Christmas and Birthday! I finally got it for Christmas one year. My mom let me play with it for a year then took it away and said I could have it back later – she recycled my toys so when I did get it back it was like a new toy! Evil or genius??

Dad, Nick, Me at Disneyland

Dad, Nick, Me at Disneyland – we finally made it!

My dad and me on the first Rollercoaster I remember riding!

My dad and me on the first Rollercoaster I remember riding!

Baby Bruce

Baby Bruce Shane’s favorite Christmas present

Most adorable puppy ever!

Most adorable puppy ever!


It’s the Small Things

2 Nov

This week I am grateful for so many things but I feel a little selfish since because so many people are without electricity the comfort of their homes or even their home. Hurricane Sandy left her mark along the east coast and in Haiti so here is a link to give to the relief of the families, people and animals she hurt.


Every year the husband’s parents and brother and sis come over to carve pumpkins. My brother joins if he does not have to work. This year Shane and I had about 12 pumpkins and although my pumpkin was the toughest bastard ever and didn’t want to be cut (Shane had to use a drill on it) I managed.


Pumpkin Carving

He is proud of his work

The finished product

I also had to decorate a pumpkin for work. I did two because one was a little easy. I came in second place with the hedgehog! But no one voted for my pumpkin pi:(


Pumpkin Pi

The husband and I love Halloween and since the husband is an awesome artist he decorates the hose so cool for Halloween!

Home decoration


Our house thanks to the husband

I am also grateful for these crazy animals we have!

Crazy Boo Boo

Bruce and Rhonda sleep on each other when there is an entire bed for them to spread out on. Awwww

Have a great weekend!

It’s the Small Things

26 Oct

This week I finally got into the Halloween Spirit (and candy)!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the feel, look and smell of it. You know the smell, when you can smell Fall or a wood stove for the first time….. That always reminds me of Halloween.

This week I am grateful for fun Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

Halloween Pumpkins

The American Horror nights with the Husband and our friend Cannon! We started watching American Horror last year and making fun food, drinking wine and hanging out! Such fun nights!

Cannon and me!

The Pretty Little Liar Halloween special was this week! And if that was not great on its own, my friend and fellow blogger Arantha came over to watch with me. We made a fun fall fruit and cheese plate,  ate some rotisserie chicken and drank some red wine. Everything was healthy until we broke into the Halloween candy and made ourselves sick because we ate too much.  I guess you never learn…..

Fall Cheese and Fruit Plate

Arantha and Tootse! Check out Arantha’s blog http://aranthasgourmetbeauty.com/

I also enjoyed two pets with their tongues sticking out.

Tootse – sometimes her tounge just gets stuck

Have a great weekend!

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta and new Traditions

9 Oct

This weekend was the beginning of the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

The Balloon Fiesta is a BIG deal! People travel all over the world to experience the festivities. And most people who grew up in New Mexico have some fun memories of the Balloon Fiesta.

I remember bundling up as a little kid and driving all the way to Albuquerque from the “country” to see the Balloons. One year my mom didn’t take us into the actual Balloon Park, she let us pick a balloon and we drove all around Albuquerque following the Balloon! I also have fond memories of staying up all night with my friend Jacquelyn and deciding since we were up might as well go get a burrito and see some balloons.

This year, the husband and I started a new tradition! Like I said the Balloon Fiesta is a big deal! So because of all the people who come to see and experience the festivities, there is a lot of traffic and lines and well people. So, since I am not always a fan of traffic or lines the husband and I decided to do something different.

We decided we would wake up early, get some breakfast burritos and find a spot to park and watch all the balloons.

I set my alarm for 6:30 Saturday morning and checked Twitter and Facebook to see if the Balloons were given the OK to fly. Annnnddd they were not. They were officially grounded because of high winds. So I rolled over and went back to sleep. Same thing Sunday but they were given the green light. So we loaded up the dogs, got some delicious breakfast burritos from Lotta Burger and did a little off-roading to find a great spot. Bruce and Rhonda ran around and Shane and I watched balloons. It was wonderful!

Can’t wait to do it again next year.

What are some of your favorite Balloon Fiesta traditions?

2012 Balloon Fiesta

Bruce and Rhonda running

Hot Air Balloon

It’s the Small Things

28 Sep

Today I head to Vegas to celebrate some bigger things. My dear friend Natisha’s 30th birthday. We met in college because we are both nerds who had to sit in the front of the class, and we have been Josatisha ever since.

And thanks Fate Friend for coming with me to make this our 4th Vegas trip together!

So here is to Natisha – Love you!


And I can’t forget a few small things”


Boo Boo took up the dog bed

The joys of having a different name




It’s the Small Things

21 Sep

This weeks small things that I am grateful for –

I saw this picture on Facebook. I normally roll my eyes and tell myself a very sarcastic and hilarious a joke that is so funny I don’t think anyone else can handle it when I see these “Like if you blah blah blah” pictures. But this was so special and beautiful it made me tear up. I hope it makes your week a little brighter.

This little girl inspires me

Homemade Sunday breakfasts! The Husband, as I have said before is an amazing cook and likes to make up his on recipes. He made up this breakfast casserole. I am trying to get him to write it down so I can share the awesomeness!

breakfast casserole

breakfast casserole



Great Friends – Awww the fate friend got me a subscription to Allure just because she is nice: ) Thanks fate friend! Can’t wait until VEGAS!!!!

Oh yes a week from today I will be in Las Vegas – or as I now refer to it Rack City Bitch.

Opening the refrigerator and finding baby axolotl food. Yes the axolotl’s were at it again and now the husband is a proud father of 100. And this is what they eat – ewww.



And of couse these two love birds.


Have a great weekend everyone!