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Birch Box and New Beauty Test Tube – Solution for people who want to try it before you buy it!

1 Jun

In an effort to try new things, I subscribed to two make-up sample delivery services. This also allows me to receive things in the mail which I LOVE and you can read about here!

I am not good at picking out makeup and when I see something I like, I second guess myself until I get super frustrated want to cry and just leave the store. OR I will see something I like that I think is too expensive so I opt for a lower, cheaper version that really is not the same and sucks.

So when my friend Arantha told me about a service called Birch Box I thought that might be the answer for me. Another blogger friend SuburbanEyeFeast told me about another service called New Beauty – Test Tube. I didn’t know which one to try so I tried both. Below is a breakdown of both them.

Birch Box

For just $10 a month you get trial size beauty products from both well-known brands and new up and comers. You can buy what you like on their site at a slightly discounted price.

New Beauty Test Tube

This one is a little different because you get full-size and deluxe sample size products in your “test tube” It’s litteraly a tube. But, you only get the tube every three months and the prices is $29.95 (plus S&H). You also get a magazine and coupons to buy products on their site.

You can see specifics on what I got here.

For both sites you fill out information about your make up preferences. You also let them know what type of skin and hair type you have so they can customize the box/tube.

These are both great ways to try products before you invest in them. And it’s good for someone like me who can sometimes be afraid to try new make-up and is a little cheap!

Can’t wait for my next packages to come in the mail!


Believe in the Beautiful

11 Apr

One of my goals/new hobbies is to be more girly! Yes that is right more girly! Now don’t get me wrong I would not classify myself as a tomboy or manly – and I am really girly in some ways but when it comes to makeup and other cosmetic type things – like applying nail polish.

For Christmas I asked for Sephora gift cards because I wanted to try new things. I made my wonderfully patient and beautiful friend Arantha (who has an awesome blog about beauty and fun food called Gourmet Beauty) take and school me on some products. I wanted to share with you what I got with her and what I have found on my own (surprise surprise) just in case I might help another poor unfortunate soul make a crucial make up decision. Below are some of my favorite products.

Makeup – I love – so far . . .

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating

This is a lightweight, buildable sheer foundation formula that delivers a youthful, radiant finish.

I have never used foundation and I don’t consider this foundation. It’s a tinted moisturizer, although I put on a basic moisturizer with SPF before this because of the dry New Mexico sun.  And I feel like it helps the tinted moisturizer go on better.

Also, because I am makeup challenged it took me some time to understand that a little goes a long way with this. You don’t need much.

BareMinerals SPF Eye Brightener

Or as the common gal would call this concealer. As I get older, ugh, I see dark spots and puffiness below my eyeballs. I decided I needed to look more awake for my co-workers and husbandJ  Arantha recommended this concealer err I mean eye brightener as an alternative to the traditional liquid concealer because frankly concealer freaks me out.

This is easy to put on and makes me look a little more awake in the mornings – YAY!

Physicians Formula Vegas strip/Light Bronzer

One day I was watching tv and it was during the time Jennifer Lopez was all over the place – more than she is now. I thought she was so beautiful and still think she is beautiful but I wanted to copy her. I heard some TV host say she uses bronzer and eats a lot of salmon. So I went to Wal-Mart (yes that’s all I could afford, I was in college) and I got a lot of salmon and a bronzer that looked pretty. Well the salmon was ok but believe it or not I picked a great bronzer.

I don’t think Jennifer Lopez uses this bronzer, she probably has a special bronzer made of real bronze and gold and fairy sparkles but for me this worked. They have different shades – don’t get a shade that is too dark or you will look stupid.

This bronzer is also a double win because you can use some of the shades as an eye shadow – and I am nothing if not frugal and cheap – I mean creative.

Bella Pierre – Shimmer 9 Stack in Bella

So for some reason I am attracted to things that are more than they seem. Or have multiple functions – which is why I like the shimmer  9 stack. Because you get nine eye shadows and you can use some of the colors as a lip stain, blush and bronzer.

I mostly use them for eye shadow but I love all of them!

Sexy Mother Pucker™ Lip Plumping Gloss

I really just got this because I like to say the name! And they used to sell it at Target (and I get most everything I own from Target) now I have to go to Sephora to get it but it’s worth it.

This is a lip gloss (real lipstick scares me) and it’s also a lip plumper. It has something in it that makes your lips tingle and feel fat – it’s basically an allergic reaction on your lips so you have big full lips – the things we do for beauty. But I secretly like how it feels.

WOW for a girl who claims to not know too much about makeup I sure did go on and on! Hope you enjoy!