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It’s the Small Things

2 Nov

This week I am grateful for so many things but I feel a little selfish since because so many people are without electricity the comfort of their homes or even their home. Hurricane Sandy left her mark along the east coast and in Haiti so here is a link to give to the relief of the families, people and animals she hurt.


Every year the husband’s parents and brother and sis come over to carve pumpkins. My brother joins if he does not have to work. This year Shane and I had about 12 pumpkins and although my pumpkin was the toughest bastard ever and didn’t want to be cut (Shane had to use a drill on it) I managed.


Pumpkin Carving

He is proud of his work

The finished product

I also had to decorate a pumpkin for work. I did two because one was a little easy. I came in second place with the hedgehog! But no one voted for my pumpkin pi:(


Pumpkin Pi

The husband and I love Halloween and since the husband is an awesome artist he decorates the hose so cool for Halloween!

Home decoration


Our house thanks to the husband

I am also grateful for these crazy animals we have!

Crazy Boo Boo

Bruce and Rhonda sleep on each other when there is an entire bed for them to spread out on. Awwww

Have a great weekend!


It’s the Small Things

26 Oct

This week I finally got into the Halloween Spirit (and candy)!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love the feel, look and smell of it. You know the smell, when you can smell Fall or a wood stove for the first time….. That always reminds me of Halloween.

This week I am grateful for fun Halloween decorations

Halloween decorations

Halloween Pumpkins

The American Horror nights with the Husband and our friend Cannon! We started watching American Horror last year and making fun food, drinking wine and hanging out! Such fun nights!

Cannon and me!

The Pretty Little Liar Halloween special was this week! And if that was not great on its own, my friend and fellow blogger Arantha came over to watch with me. We made a fun fall fruit and cheese plate,  ate some rotisserie chicken and drank some red wine. Everything was healthy until we broke into the Halloween candy and made ourselves sick because we ate too much.  I guess you never learn…..

Fall Cheese and Fruit Plate

Arantha and Tootse! Check out Arantha’s blog http://aranthasgourmetbeauty.com/

I also enjoyed two pets with their tongues sticking out.

Tootse – sometimes her tounge just gets stuck

Have a great weekend!

Saddest Animal Deaths in Movies

26 Jul

Today I am sad, emotional and in a bad mood.


A year ago today my cat died. And this was not any normal cat but a cat who won a battle with a rare heart disease, then got cancer. What are the odds?

We had to put him down which basically felt like I made the decision to end his life. Even though I had an amazing vet who made me feel better about it. He was really sick.

My cat Floyd had the BEST personality EVER! Everyone loved him. He was an amazing cat! If you didn’t like cats before you met Floyd you would after you met him. I loved this little guy so much!

So when he died it was sad and hard – and I am no stranger to death, this was just a little harder for me because he was mine completely.

Floyd – Love of my life. One of them 🙂

And isn’t it the case that animal deaths are always hard for people? Like in movies I don’t care if a human dies, but if it’s an animal I am a crying mess for weeks after the movie.

I know personally if there is even a slight chance that an animal might die in a movie I won’t watch it.

So because I feel like crap – I thought I would make a list of the saddest animal deaths in movies. You’re welcome.

PS – there is so profanity below – read at your own risk.

Artax – The NeverEnding Story

Artax – The NeverEnding Story

I think this scene scared me for life. I was a mess when Artax gave up in the Swam of Sadness, even though Atreyu was encouraging him to keep going. Oh god I am crying now! Fucking Swamp of Sadness! The only thing that saved my childhood was the last scene where Atreyu is riding Artax at the end. Thank god!

Antie- Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Antie– Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

I will never look at creamed filled cookies, Legos, ants and scorpions the same after this movie.

Fucking Scorpions! Antie had a hard of gold.

Hedwig – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Hedwig – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Really! Hedwig! Hedwig! He had to die! Like Harry didn’t lose enough already! They had to kill his pet! Ugh! Hedwig was killed during the Battle of the Seven Potters in the movie he sacrifices himself to save Harry (the book is a little different) – the book is worse because Harry has to let the sidecar (which holds Hedwig’s body) go so they can go faster. This is very upsetting to Harry, his friends and the readers. Fucking Death Eaters!

Sam (Samantha) – I Am Legend

Sam (Samantha) – I Am Legend

Like it’s not hard enough being the only living person left in New York but let’s mess with you a little more and infect your dog. The only living companion you have left. Given to you buy your dead child. Let’s make sure we infect the dog and force you to kill her. Then, let’s figure out the cure to the infection days later.

I did ask people if the dog died before I watched the movie so I could prepare myself. It didn’t help when I actually saw the movie. Even though I knew what was coming – I cried in the movie theater with everyone else who has a soul. Fucking Zombies/Vampires.

Mufasa – The Lion King

Mufasa – The Lion King

I say Scar is the evilest Disney villain ever. He kills his own brother! At least the other bad guys are just killing random people!

When Simba crawls under his dads paw – ahhh! What the hell! And then he gets blamed for that death! So sad Fucking Scar. However, I will say Scar gets it worse in the end when he basically gets eaten alive by the hyenas.

Bambi’s Mother – Bambi

Bambi’s Mother – Bambi

This is obvious. But this did traumatize me and probably every other kid that realized what was going on. Fucking Hunters.

Littlefoot’s Mother – The Land Before Time

Littlefoot’s Mother – The Land Before Time

So Littlefoot’s mom is saving his ass and that ungrateful Cera from the Sharptooth. Sharptooth basically bites a chunk out of her back and neck and kills her. Well causes her to bleed out. The last moment between the mom and Littlefoot is so sad, again what crying. Fucking Sharptooth.

Old Yeller

Old Yeller

Again very obvious, but anytime you have to put your own pet out of its misery makes the moment worse. Fucking Rabies!

King Kong

King Kong

You know it’s coming but it’s still so sad. I remember seeing the Peter Jackson version of this movie with my dad – as we left the theater there was this little kid crying on his dads shoulder. Like full on hysterical crying! Totally felt his pain. Fucking explores and Empire State Building!

Two Socks – Dances With Wolves –

Two Socks – Dances With Wolves –

Seriously the army makes Kevin Costner watch as they shoot his wolf! The wolf that stood by him the whole movie (and it’s not a short movie) I remember crying my eyes out when I was little! My grandma covered my eyes for the sex scene but not the death of Two Socks! Come on Grandma!! Fucking Army!

Charlotte’s death – Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s death – Charlotte’s Web

When Wilber is screaming CHARLOTTE!!! It breaks my heart! It makes me cry every time I see it or think about it long enough, I am crying now.

Charlotte’s death was no one’s fault. It’s just the circle of life. Fuck you circle of life and old age!

Ray – The Princess and the Frog

Ray – The Princess and the Frog

This cute Cajun firefly from New Orleans is a hero. Takes on those shadow demons, gets knocked down and then stepped on. Yes people he gets fucking stepped on! This has to be the most disturbing Disney deaths ever! Really Disney!

Obviously I am missing some. I have not seen every movie out there (thankfully) – What are some of the saddest animal movie deaths for you?

And here is to my Floyd!

Floyd in a box

Floyd in bag


Throwback Thursday!

14 Jun

So I know my post yesterday was a little more serious than you are used to. And frankly it was more serious than I am used to being. I am typically a bundle of joy! 😉

So I thought I would keep this post funny and light!

I keep hearing the phrase throwback.

I see Pepsi products that are “Throwbacks” and a lot of sports jerseys are now styled as “throwback” – I just think it’s people being lazy and not wanting to create a new brand or image.

Well – call me a hypocrite but I am going to copy them and share with you some throwback Josa!

Nick (the brother) and I in Juarez, Mexico (pre scary Cartel when it was safe) getting bottled cokes from a stand across from our hotel. We used to spend many weeks in Mexico while my dad worked in a factory that his company, Motorola, outscored to! We loved staying in a hotel and swimming in a real pool. Being from the “country” we would swim in the river!

Remember pink sponge rollers and actually saying cheese – Guilty of both!

Remember pink sponge rollers and actually saying cheese – Guilty of both!

So this is where I grew up . . .

So this is where I grew up . . .

Bruce and the Kittens

Gray Cat and babies

Gray Cat and babies

Baby Bruce

Baby Bruce

New Born Boo Boo

New Born Boo Boo

Boo Boo's brothers and sisters

Boo Boo’s brothers and sisters

BFF since 2006

BFF since 2006 – This was at our house in Las Cruces – Before Rhonda.

This Weekend

11 Jun

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I sure did

Friday night I hung out with the Husband and Rochelle. We baked for a benefit/bake sale I had to go to the next day. We also made Flirtinis which my friend Arantha reintroduced us to! They were first made popular in Sex and the City – and they were delicious!

What You Need

  • 1 oz. Vodka (or more depending on the type of day you’ve had)
  • 2 oz. Champagne
  • 2 oz. Pineapple Juice


  • Pour all three ingredients over ice in your Collins or Highball glass
  • Mix gently
  • Garnish with Maraschino Cherry, if desired


We also made some delicious Peanut Butter Brownies and Carmel Bars! I will post the recipes this week.

Peanut Butter Brownies

Peanut Butter Brownies

Saturday the Husband and I went to Jemez to a spaghetti benefit dinner then came home and watched the Heat beat the Celtics 😦 Go OKC!!

Then we started catching up on one of our favorite shows True Blood. We don’t have HBO so we can only catch up on those shows when they come out on DVD! I also read the books (called The Sookie Stackhouse aka Southern Vampire Series – and they are great!)

True Blood

True Blood

Sunday we watched Gymnastics and cleaned and hung out with the pets!!

It was the Visa championships The Visa Championships serve as U.S. nationals. But this year they also determine the final qualifiers for the Olympic trials, June 28-July 1 in San Jose, which Gianna (sis-in-law gets to go to!)

To get invited to the Olympic trials you had to be in the top eight at the Visa championships or get an invite from Márta Károlyi. Which 2008 Olympic alums Nastia Liukin and Alicia Sacramone did!

More pictures from this weekend!

The Husband

Truck free of green chili – only in New Mexico

Truck free of green chili – only in New Mexico


Boo Boo

Boo Boo






Childhood Hobbies Reinvented

8 Jun

I work in a highly secure building! The security here is air tight – you cannot get into our building unless your name is Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt or your name has numbers in it ie 007! Or you just wait until someone walks by and you ask them to open the door 🙂

So it’s important that I NEVER lose my name badge – well that I never lose my second name badge. The first one was stolen by a 007 type or maybe I just forgot it somewhere in the universe.

It’s also important that you have a cute lanyard to put said name badge on. And finding these cute lanyards is near impossible!

So one day my wonderful friend and office mate Rochelle got me this amazing and beautiful lanyard! It had blue jewels and it sparkled! I loved the hell out of it. Maybe too much. Because soon, sadly, the lanyard started to fall apart L And I had to keep gluing it back together. Yes, I admit, I kept super glue at my desk just to preserve the lanyard. I not only superglue my fingers together but I accidently glued my phone to my desk. Now my iPhone case will forever have a piece of my desk attached to it L

The lanyard also started to pull my hair out, and I knew it was time to retire that lanyard and get a new one.



But like I said, it’s not easy to find cute lanyards. So Rochelle and I thought we would make our own! I used to be good at making friendship bracelets back in elementary! That is cheap and fun. In fact, my sister-in-law has a friendship making bracelet book!

So I asked Gianna (sis-in-law) to find the book. She thought it was in their storage shed. And I crawled over boxes, at night, a little tipsy to get to the box that held the book – only to discover the book was in her room the whole time.

Once Rochelle and I had the book, we needed the string. One day at lunch we ventured to an arts and crafts store and got a shit load of string for like 32 cents. And we also found a cute little Chinese restaurant that didn’t charge us much more for a meal! Double score (eww that sounds like 50 Shades)

After some practice, our lanyards came out beautiful! And believe me it’s not easy to make these bracelets in a house full of cats. Making these in front of my cats is like torture for them. They do sometimes give in and attack me with the string.

Once we became experts – we started getting requests from friends for normal bracelets.

I of course asked the husband what kind he would like and he picked the hardest pattern in the book which requires an engineering degree and the ability to do algebra with string. So he is not getting one.

Our friends Dan and Cannon, who have the pleasure of attending a little music even called the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) will be sporting our fabulous bracelets! And although we won’t be there physically, our spirits will in our bracelets – PLUR (hahahah just kidding!)

But seriously we wish we could go – maybe we will start selling our bracelets and make enough money to go next year!

Anyways, this is a new hobby of mine. Well more like a recycled hobby of mine. These are fun to do, let’s you be creative and you can give them to people which is also fun. I am happy that I still enjoy making these as much as I did when I was little.

Although, I sometimes feel like a loser who has a lot of cats and sits at home making friendship bracelets for fun! That does not sound good on paper – it’s like being a 32 year old boy scout!! Thank god I can drink while I make these bracelets, or I might be embarrassed enough to stop!

A New Term – Fate Friends – Also a low calorie summer drink

16 May

I don’t have a best friend – I have been blessed with many close friends/cousins/family members/awesome husband/ in-laws/pets – but I think I might be the only person to have a Fate Friend!

Yes – my Fate Friend (FF) and I came up with a new phrase. It all started in college – well actually since we were fate friends – it really started in a magical place called Band Camp! Humming Bird Music Camp (week four) to be exact! And don’t judge us because we went to band camp – when I have kids and if they choose to play an instrument I WILL send them to Hummingbird Music Camp! One of the best experiences of my life. I made some lifelong friends there and still run into people all over the world wearing Humming Bird Music Camp shirts!

Ok so my FF Shannon and I first met at band camp when we were in elementary school, reconnected in high school for a brief moment and became the friends we are today in college. See what I mean by FATE friends – she is my lobster!

We were cheerleaders (again don’t judge) in high school and college together. And we bonded in a van at a basketball tournament in Bowling Green, KY!

We have many reasons we credit to the fact that we are friends, we even attempted to make shirts – but we just had some cocktails instead. On that note, . .

Shannon came over last weekend to hang out, and try my new concoction the Drunken Arnold Palmer. In an effort to be healthier, while continuing to enjoy an adult beverage I created a Drunken Arnold Palmer.

Drunken Arnold Palmer

– Ice tea (I just brewed normal bore snore tea)

– A zero calorie lemonade (I used Vitamin Water Zero Squeezed Lemonade)

– Two shots of your favorite Vodka – or more depending on your mood

– And a bunch of fresh lemons.

The only calories you are getting are from the vodka – so it’s a low calorie, refreshing summer cocktail! You can also add Splenda or a sugar substitute if you wish but I think it tasted fine without one.

Drunken Arnold Palmer

Drunken Arnold Palmer

So back to the Fate Friend thing, I have a list of reasons why Shannon and I are Fate Friends – so enjoy and maybe you will realize you too have a fate friend and we can make the term Fate Friend a house hold name!

Fate Friend Reasons:

  • We went to band camp together – week four every year from the third grade to the eight grade!
  • She played the piano – as did I – but I also played the flute (don’t have any dirty thoughts – Alyson Hannigan totally ruined band camp for some actual band campers)
  • My husband’s dad Coach Montoya (or as I like to refer to him as Choach) was Shannon’s PE coach in elementary
  • We both worked at the Limited Too at the Cottonwood Mall – and still have clothes and love that place. We also agreed that if we ever have kids – they are not shopping at the Limited Too because it’s ridiculously expensive for the tweens!!
  • We found each other again in College when I tried out for the NMSU cheerleading all girls team. Shannon was already on the team – basically from that moment on we were always together. She was mostly at my house watching Friends or eating left over pies the husband would bring from Village Inn (Lemon Supreme to be exact)
  • Which is another reason why we are fate friends – in college we were always coming up with crazy diet schemes. We even drove to Juárez (it was still safe then) to try and get a crazy diet pill we read about at a Pharmacy – they did not sell them to us – However . . .
  • We did come up with another scheme – over green chili cheese fries with ranch at Village Inn where we ate every Tuesday night and complained about our weight to the husband who worked there – we came up with a scheme to convince a doctor to prescribe us the crazy diet pills. After months of prep (mostly lots of cheese fries later) we convinced doctor to prescribe us the diet pills! Poor doctor – he hardly spoke English and was a total suckerJ
  • The husband worked at Village Inn all though college and I hate staying alone, so Shannon, being the great fate friend that she is would stay with me. One night we were convinced she had a stalker (which turned out to be true) we came up with a bunch of scary evidence that he was watching her and filed a complaint
  • Our mutual love for animals! One time I was at Shannon’s on campus apartments when this skinny, scrawny bag of bones cat walked up to me (really was just wandering outside her apartments) I grabbed saved the cat and brought it into Shannon’s apartment even after she said several times “DO NOT BRING THAT CAT INTO MY APARTMENT” now the cat (Lance) is a member of Shannon’s family and a little overweight! What a lucky cat!
This is Lance

This is Lance

  • A big reason we are fate friends is because I understand Shannon’s family – they are quirky as is my family. Shannon’s dad is the reason I am working at PR Newswire – he knew Shane and I were moving back to Albuquerque from Las Cruces and kept an eye out for any job openings in my degree area. He told me about a new business opening in Albuquerque and I immediately applied – thanks Jack!
  • One time I was at Barnes and Noble stocking up on books when this lady stuck her face in my hair and took a loud sniff – I was shocked and turned around and saw Shannon’s mom! She said “Josa thank god that was you! You smell so good I couldn’t resist smelling you. What are you wearing?” HAHAHAHA (it was Coco Mademoiselle)
  • I usually ask book advice from Shannon’s mom Becca who thinks I am a serious reader because I loved People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks – it’s seriously an amazing book you should check out!
  • We both are nerds at heart! We LOVE Harry Potter, will pick Damon over Stefan in the Vampire Diaries and will read any artical about the show FRIENDS – also both Team Aniston!
  • Shannon and I have established traditions – One of which is having a girls weekend in Vegas at the end of every Summer! Can’t wait for this year – we bought our tickets last week!!!
  • My husband is just as much of a fate friend with Shannon as I am. I will start to say something about Shannon and he can finish what I was going to say!

I LOVE my fate friend and hopefully you all will realize you too have fate friends.