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27 Feb

I have been thinking a lot about my blog and wondering if I should continue doing it.

I wanted to make it more focused to a topic and subject but couldn’t pick one I really liked. I also didn’t want to end up hating said subject because I felt like I had to write about it. And I do a lot of other fun stuff that I didn’t want to ignore….. So I have been back and forth on what to do and the future of this blog.

One of the biggest pleasures I get from writing about my activities and adventures is that my family near and far gets to keep up with the husband, me and the animals. And for some reason I thought I needed to reach more people and get more people interested in my blog.

In my professional career (all eight years of it) I have worked in an area where I am selling and promoting more views and more attention. More of everything – how to get more people to be interested in your company or product. Basically more is better. So I think I started applying that concept to my blog – but I was wrong. I needed to re-evaluate my own concept of audience (see that Miller Heiman reference 🙂 And what this blog is about.

So – this blog is going to be about my life, adventures, things I love and activities. I am not vain or self-centered for writing about myself, I just want to share my experiences with whoever would like to read about it. So I will continue writing about books I love, recipes that I have tried and different events, activities and shenanigans the husband and I embark upon so my family can keep tabs on us and friends who I don’t see a lot or are far away can still feel close to me. And If I meet some new friends along the way the more the merrier!

With that said, I am excited to start blogging again.