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The Color Run

4 Sep

So I did the color run a week ago.

It went ok.

I didn’t get finished in the time I wanted but, I had a lot of fun and saw a lot of crazy stuff.

There were drunk people falling in the middle of the race – seriously.

There was a marriage proposal.

And my running partner who I didn’t know was going to run with me the whole way (he had bronchitis so he was not up to his usual fast self) he talked the whole way. Which led to stopping and talking more, we also stopped to take pictures and we tried to video tape the drunk girls falling.

Plus – there were so many people and we were at the end of the line so we got stuck behind A LOT of walkers and family’s with strollers and oh did I mention walkers?

So my tips to future Color Runners:

  • If you are a serious runner get there early to get in the front of the line. Seriously, we were still in line when people were finishing!
  • Don’t open your mouth when you go through the color zones. Sounds easy but when you have a habit of smiling at people – boom blue powder all in the mouth and down the lungs.
  • Also, for those ladies (and some men) who have bigger more voluptuous boobs – you will get color down your shirt and it will pile up there. Maybe thing about tight shirt.
  • Speaking of shirt – I read you are supposed to spray vinegar on your shirt and iron it. That will help get rid of the powder. However I didn’t do that and I got everything but my sports bra clean. Wear a black or colorful sports bra.
  • Have fun. This race is not serious – the serious runners are all volunteering at the water stands.

I fully intend on doing the color run next year and making a team, with really cool t-shirts!

And thank you husband for holding my stuff while I ran/walked and for dealing with the mess I made after…. Love ya!

The Color Run

After the Color Run

Before The Color Run

After The Color Run

Don’t smile at the people throwing the color. You can’t see it in my teeth, but it’s there.

Co-Workers at the Color Run

The Start

Post-Race Mimosas


The Places I Have Been

3 Sep

Sorry for the lack of posts last week. Last week I was a little obsessed with the season finale of Pretty Little Liars and I was sick!

So don’t give me grief! I promise to update you on the Color Run, my first experience with Fantasy Football Drafts (although I am not on a team or a league or anything like that.  . . ) and all the other fun stuff I did! Have a good short week.



I lived!

25 Aug


The Color Run is tomorrow!

24 Aug

I must say I feel like I am going to throw up pretty good about it.

I don’t know why I am so nervous, but I am. It’s not even timed! Thank goodness I have a friend running with me – thanks Dan.

I have adjusted my goals for this race. I need to be more realistic, and since I have slacked off my goals have changed.

Here are my new goals for the Color Run:

  • Don’t come in last
  • Run the whole way – I just want to run more than I walk! I have accepted that I will need to walk!
  • Pace myself! This is the most important of my goals. I tend to start off too fast and have no juice left in the end! I need to run slow and steady J
  • Have fun – so cheesy but I really do want to have fun and enjoy this so I can continue to run

So hopefully this turns out to be a great experience. I think it will.

I have two other 5Ks I want to do this year to keep up my motivation and continue running.

Here goes nothing!

The Color Run

Running Update and Running Apps

14 Aug

So the Color Run is less than a couple weeks away! Since my knees suck I went to the doctor and was told I have Chondromalacia Patella.

This sounds way worse than it is. My knee caps just slide to the side when they should go straight. All I need is to stretch and do some strengthening exercises to strengthen my muscles. I can also tape my knees so it helps the knee cap glide correctly.

But I can run! So that’s fantastic – kind of.

I have a couple goals for the color run:

  1. Don’t come in last
  2. Run the whole way
  3. Have fun – so cheesy but I really do want to have fun and enjoy this so I can continue to run

And I have discovered some awesome running aps that have helped with my goals and I want to share with you!

Map My Run

Map My Run – This does just what it says. It will help you plan your run and keep track of all your running.

Run Keper

Runkeeper – This app helps you keep track of how long you have run, how fast and tells you how many calories. It’s nice because when I run I need to know how long before the next mile so this is perfect because it tells me every quarter mile I run and the time plus my pace. You can set it so that it tells you ever quarter mile, half mile or mile. It also has a “coach” to help you boost your time and endurance.

Couch to 5K

Couch to 5K by Zen Labs – This app helps people get into running. It is an eight week program that alternates running and walking so you can build strength. You only work out three times as week with this app. It’s great and helps a lot!

What exercise apps do you like?

Color Run

19 Jul

I can’t say that my running hobby has been going too great. . . And 85% of that is my fault (I am lazy) – the other 15% is the fact that my knee sucks!

But I am going to fix this.

First I am going to the doctor so they can fix my knees!

Second I signed up for the Color Run! This way I HAVE TO START RUNNING SO I DON’T LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT! Even though I will be covered in lots of “color dust”

Hopefully the fact that I am paying to run (I know how stupid of me) and the fact that I don’t want to come in dead last will motivate me!

So here’s to doctors, luck, a little hope and a miracle!

The run is August 25th!

Anyone else ever do the color run?


Color Run

Color Run