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Dear God…

3 Aug

When I was little and didn’t know how to pray I was told to write God a letter. So now I still start impromptu prayers with a “Dear God”, something I have been made fun of. But I don’t care because it works for me.

So I was thinking of some of the things I was grateful for today and made a list/prayer to thank God. Sometimes I take things for granted which is something that bugs me yet I am a constant offender.

So, in an effort to not annoy myself here I go.

Dear God,

Thank you for being in my life and for the things you put in my life.

Thank you for my husband. He is my world.

Thank you for my family! All of them (in-laws included they are amazing) – there’s a lot and I am so grateful to have fun and amazing family. And thank you for the crazy family members – yes even Tia Emma – because at the end of the day she is still my grandma’s sister.

Thank you for my pets.

Thank you for my friends.

Thank you for my job.

Thank you for the struggles, difficult times and sad moments. Because without them I would never truly appreciate everything else that is right and wonderful in my life.

Best Regards,


Oh and PS here are some purely selfish and shallow things I too am grateful for.

Thank you for the cast of Jersey Shore – they make me look like I have my shit together. When in fact they really have their shit together since they get paid to drink and party.

Thank you for the show Pretty Little Liars because although I am 29 it makes me feel young to watch.

Thank you for Macaroni and Cheese. And thank you for letting me marry a man who makes THE BEST MAC CHEESE EVER!!!!!

Thank you for vampires, zombies and werewolf’s. Those creatures have contributed to many years and hours of entertainment. Ever since my eyes first fell on the glorious TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Best TV show EVER!!

Which brings me to ….

Thank you for Joss Whedon. I love that man and everything he touches.

Thank you for potatoes.

Thank you for wine.

Thank you for creating the person who invented the deep fryer.

Thank you for exercise since apparently I eat a lot.

Thank you for Halloween.

And finally thank you for Google – what would I do without it?


National French Fry Day!

13 Jul

Holy Crap – I am so happy there is a day dedicated to one of my favorite foods ever! French Fries!


Seriously I am addicted to potatoes! I wish it was something more healthy like kale or spinach, but I have accepted it. So basically all forms of the potatoes are like crack to me (except potato salad – I can take it or leave it)

Today has been set aside for one version of the potato! The French fry.

My favorite version of French fries are plain Jane fries and ketchup with lots of salt. However, I am blessed to live in the Southwest where there is an abundance of chili (real chili not fake crap) so I am very luck to eat chili cheese fries when I feel like it – which mostly happens after a couple cocktails or a bad day and used to happen every Tuesday night in college with the fate friend Shannon.

Nothing beats really good chili cheese fries. I prefer green chili cheese fries over red – but I am not picky when it comes to fries or potatoes.

So for the love of god please go eat some kind of French fry today. You can fancy it up with Truffled Bleu Cheese Fries, you can do a Cincinnati Chili fry (umm Skyline) you can also be crazy and dip you French fries in your Frosty from Wendy’s! Anyone else do that? You can be like me and Mexican it up with some green chili cheese fries. Stone Face at lunch with some friends please join!

So in honor of today I have included some fun facts about the French fry.

And I am counting down the days until National Mashed Potatoes Day!


* Fries are not French at all, but are believed to have originated in Belgium. The misnomer in America is credited to Thomas Jefferson — not only the Father of the Declaration of Independence but also of the American French fry — who served fries at a White House dinner in 1802 after reportedly requesting, “potatoes, fried in the French manner.”

* While the U.S. eats more fries than any other country each year, Belgians actually eat more per capita.

* Salt and ketchup are for those lacking creativity. At Pommes Frites on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, toppings include Vietnamese Pineapple Mayo, Irish Curry and Hot Chili Paste.

* There are an oddly large number of French fry related gifts for the fry lover, including lip balm, jewelry charms, golf club heads, cufflinks and throw pillows.

* According to Major League Eating, the authority on competitive eating, Cookie Jarvis won the Nathan’s Famous Crinkle Cut Fries competition in 2005, eating 4.46 pounds in six minutes. Bob Shoudt owns the Curley’s French Fries record, downing 7.9 pounds in 10 minutes in May 2010.

*One of the earliest references we have to British ‘chips’ (French Fries in the U.S.) is in Charles Dicken’s ‘Tale of Two Cities’ (1859): “husky chips of potatoes, fried with some reluctant drops of oil.”