8th Date of Christmas

21 Dec

On the 8th date of Christmas I took Shane on our “Something Old” date. We got tickets from our good friend Joann (she has season tickets and let us have them for this game) to the Lobo Aggie men’s basketball game.

This qualifies as something old because Shane and I loved going to NMSU basketball games in Las Cruces! And since they only come to Albuquerque once a year to play the Lobos I thought it would be fun to wear NMSU/Aggie t-shirts in a sea of Lobos.

NMSU and UNM have a big rivalry being the only division one schools in New Mexico. And although the Aggies lost (UNM is really good – ranked 16th in the nation!) we had a lot of fun!

After the game I took Shane to our favorite restaurant Mimmo’s Ristorante and Pizzeria. WE LOVE THIS PLACE! We want to submit it to be on Diners, Dive-ins and Dives.

After dinner we went home and baked up a storm – seriously we stayed up super late baking Christmas treats. This is something we do every year so it fit with the “Something Old” date.

Lobos vs. Aggies

The Pit - Lobos vs. Aggies 2012

The Pit – Lobos vs. Aggies 2012

Yummy Food

Baking supplies

Baking supplies


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