The Color Run

4 Sep

So I did the color run a week ago.

It went ok.

I didn’t get finished in the time I wanted but, I had a lot of fun and saw a lot of crazy stuff.

There were drunk people falling in the middle of the race – seriously.

There was a marriage proposal.

And my running partner who I didn’t know was going to run with me the whole way (he had bronchitis so he was not up to his usual fast self) he talked the whole way. Which led to stopping and talking more, we also stopped to take pictures and we tried to video tape the drunk girls falling.

Plus – there were so many people and we were at the end of the line so we got stuck behind A LOT of walkers and family’s with strollers and oh did I mention walkers?

So my tips to future Color Runners:

  • If you are a serious runner get there early to get in the front of the line. Seriously, we were still in line when people were finishing!
  • Don’t open your mouth when you go through the color zones. Sounds easy but when you have a habit of smiling at people – boom blue powder all in the mouth and down the lungs.
  • Also, for those ladies (and some men) who have bigger more voluptuous boobs – you will get color down your shirt and it will pile up there. Maybe thing about tight shirt.
  • Speaking of shirt – I read you are supposed to spray vinegar on your shirt and iron it. That will help get rid of the powder. However I didn’t do that and I got everything but my sports bra clean. Wear a black or colorful sports bra.
  • Have fun. This race is not serious – the serious runners are all volunteering at the water stands.

I fully intend on doing the color run next year and making a team, with really cool t-shirts!

And thank you husband for holding my stuff while I ran/walked and for dealing with the mess I made after…. Love ya!

The Color Run

After the Color Run

Before The Color Run

After The Color Run

Don’t smile at the people throwing the color. You can’t see it in my teeth, but it’s there.

Co-Workers at the Color Run

The Start

Post-Race Mimosas


One Response to “The Color Run”

  1. Anonymous September 4, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    Looks like a lot of fun. If this running thing works out for me I will definitely be on your team next year…

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