My Heart Will Go On Now That The Olympics Are Over….

13 Aug

Now that the Olympics are over I can resume my normal life.

I can do stuff after work and go to sleep at an acceptable time.

I was obsessed with the Olympics and stayed up entirely too late every night to see what happened because for some reason if I didn’t I felt like I would be missing history!

On the other hand, I did learn a lot.

I got really good at understanding the rules of Fencing and Archery. I am expanding my soccer I mean football skills – I can now identify offside’s if they go slow. And now I understand the scoring system of diving.

I got really defensive of some of my beloved sports, especially gymnastics! Being a cheerleader my whole life and being required to go to gymnastic as part of that. Also my beloved sister-in-law WAS a gymnast her whole life. And now she is a coach. So when people would say oh that’s easy or I am totally going to train and try out for the next Olympics It totally offended me! Even though 99.9% of those people were just kidding. But those girls work so hard from age 4 to get where they are.

I feel like the only sport you might take up late in life and have an Olympic shot at would be Shooting. And I probably just offended a lot of shooters. Sorry.

I also go mad at the closest person next to me (usually the husband – sorry) when the US was losing. Like they could do anything to help. And as I am typing this the US women’s Volleyball team is sucking it up.

I also go totally emotional for stupid reasons. Any time someone was so happy they won I would feel like I won and maybe I cried a lot little. Any time a country had not won an event in a long time then they did I would cry! When nations came together I would cry! What’s wrong with me!?!

What the Olympics is all about!

I also learned about the people. I noticed that Turkey had some hot athletes. Athletes love to tape themselves up with kinetic athletic tape and it’s made in Albuquerque!

Olympic Athlete Kinesiology Tape

Kerri Walsh Kinesiology Tape

I learned I need to calm down and not be so intense about something that is going to happen again in four years. Actually two for the Winter Games!

So I am going to work on that – and try to enjoy the entertainment.

FRACK! USA just lost gold in women’s volleyball! WTF!!!!!!

Greatest US 2012 Olympics Moments Pictures


2 Responses to “My Heart Will Go On Now That The Olympics Are Over….”

  1. Sean Breslin August 13, 2012 at 8:18 am #

    It definitely will be nice to get to sleep at a normal time again…those midnight events (tape-delayed, of course) were taking a toll on me.

    • josephinamontoya August 13, 2012 at 9:04 am #

      Me too! I am sad they are over but happy for more sleep:)

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