Throwback Thursday – Best Dolls from your Childhood

28 Jun

I heard about this study on the radio this week that said girls prefer to play computer games over dolls!

I know! How horrible is that! I LOVED playing with dolls when I was little. And not just girly dolls but I liked boy toys I won’t call them dolls even though that’s what they essentially are. Yeah you macho dads who don’t think you son is playing with a doll because his doll turns into a car or has a gun – hate to break it to you but GI Joe, ninja turtles and transformers are dolls.

Ahh I digress! So in honor of the toys I loved as a kid and to hopefully show those young-ins that computers are not as cool as toys and could one day turn on us (SKYNET!!!) here are some of my favorite dolls from the 80’s and 90’s.

Barbie was my favorite – not going to lie. Although I hated Skipper – that bitch was so annoying!

Got this Ferrari for Christmas – and I loved it and so did all my Barbie’s and New Kids on the Block dolls. I never had Ken doll – just three Donnies and a couple Jordans!

My Little Pony’s! I LOVED THEM! More than Barbies!!!! This particular beauty is Lickey Split! I still have her!

Eww this is Apple Jack – she was my Skipper of the My Little Pony world. I also hated this bitch – she was always causing problems!

This is where the My Little Pony’s lived! Paradise Estates! I would ask for this every Christmas and Birthday! I finally got it for Christmas one year. My mom let me play with it for a year then took it away and said I could have it back later – she recycled my toys so when I did get it back it was like a new toy! Evil or genius??

Pound Puppies!!!!

Popple’s! I had this white one – actually still have it!

Rainbow Brite! Owned and loved all of these ladies and men.

Lady Lovely Locks – I have only met one other person who knew who Lady Lovely Locks was – thanks Arantha!

Teddy Ruxpin! I would put in Madonna tapes in and make Teddy Ruxpin open and close his eyes and mouth to Like a Virgin! Honestly who didn’t do that?

Care Bear Stare!

Optimus Prime!

Ninja Turtles and family! I loved the movies too, especially that amazing performance by Vanilla Ice! Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

Can’t forget Jem and her friends!

So those are just some of my favorite dolls from my youth. And I will say most of the time my dolls were playing they were running away from the Predator because that was my favorite movie when I was little. I don’t know what my parents were thinking letting me watch that!

What are your favorite dolls?


2 Responses to “Throwback Thursday – Best Dolls from your Childhood”

  1. Arantha June 28, 2012 at 9:52 am #

    OMG this post makes me very very happy. Yes, Lady Lovely Locks was the SH! I also loved My Little Ponies AND Strawberry Shortcake and troll dolls with the gems for belly buttons and Hot Wheels. I really REALLY wanted a Teddy Ruxpin but alas my mom said no. Oh and can’t forget about Polly Pocket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • josephinamontoya June 28, 2012 at 9:58 am #

      For some reason I never got into Strawberry Shortcake weird because it sounds right up my alley. I got my Teddy Ruxpin as a hand me down when my cousins were done with it – hahaha! Loved hotwheels and Troll dolls too! I did forget Glo Worms! I loved those guys!!

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