Every one as a top ten list . . .

26 Jun

So, a couple nights I was watching Blood Diamond, watching Leo die (again) and last night I watched The Vow and with the butt shot of Channing Tatum . . . I couldn’t help but put him on the list.

You know the list – celebrities who are the hot to you.

In college, Shane and I and our friends would go over our top ten lists all the time. Shane has recently found a cheat (he always does) So he has a top ten list and a cougar list. So he basically has a top 20 list.

Well, I am going to stick to the rules and go through my top ten list. Now I want to warn you. I have some questionable people on this list – so don’t judge. The heart wants what the heart wants 🙂

And in no particular order:

Jay Hernandez – so pretty.

David Boreanaz or as I like to refer to him as Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer my ALL time favorite show! I will always be a David Boreanaz fan simply because he was Angel from Buffy and will remember that fateful middle school day when I cried my eyes out when Buffy had to kill Angel to save the world. Seriously people if you have not seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer – rent it NOW!!!!!

So like I said – don’t judge me but I think Seth Green is HOT!!!! Again, this might be left over Buff feelings – but I think he is good looking, funny and a great person! Don’t judge Seth Green will always be on my list!

So a lot of the people on my list are there for sentimental reasons. Now I know Channing Tatum is the epitome of hot but whenever I see him I think of my wedding day! When I was getting ready for my wedding we turned on the TV and low and behold Step Up was on HBO and I got sucked in. So not only is Channing Tatum HOT – he also brings back a slew of fun and wonderful memories for me!

I don’t know what to say other than Eminem or Marsha (that’s how I refer to him in my dreams) will always be on my list. Something about him is HOT to me!

“It’s Sean Connery’s Birthday?” (you say to yourself in a Scottish accent) – Ring a bell? Oh well. Sean Connery will forever be on my list. Even when he is old and wrinkly – oh wait – he already is! LOVE HIM!!

Lenny Kravitz – I mean he is just sexy! He cut off his dreads for that cosby girl! So we know he is not only a pretty face but a romantic! And he probably smells better without the dreads!

Ever since I saw Travis play those drums I knew he should be worthy of my list! He is so hot! And for some reason the more tattoos he adds the hotter he gets!

Oh Tim Riggins how I love you. And then you had to go and play one of my favorite X-Men and further solidify my desire for you!!!! Taylor Kitsch can play football or poker with me any day!

Weather he is robbing a bank, transporting people around or finding a way to recharge his heart – Jason Statham is hot! I find him very attractive – and the accent . . . . holy crap!

My love for Ian Somerhalder was not love at first sight. I actually didn’t like him based solely on his portrayal of Boone on lost. Then a blessing in disguise – he dies and gets the chance to play Damon on the Vampire Diaries and Jesus Chisto – I don’t know if he becomes a better actor or he actually becomes a vampire – but lord he turns in to a hottie. Even when he goes back to LOST on the last season – he has this quirky sexy vibe he has on The Vampire Diaries. Dam you Elena!

No explanation needed

And the person who is the inspiration for this post – Leo. I have loved Leo since The Basketball Diaries. That’s so odd that I found a drug addicted school kid hot! Then he had to confirm my love for him when he played Romeo – I was at the vulnerable middle school age and I thought I was in love! So before he was Jack (and dying in yet another movie) I was already in love with Leo.

Oh yes – I must throw in my female crush! Eva Mendes – I mean who does not find this lady beautiful! And come one ladies – we all have a female crush!

Is that not ten? Well I guess I cheated a little too. . . . .

Who is on your list?


3 Responses to “Every one as a top ten list . . .”

  1. Jacquelyn Salcido June 26, 2012 at 9:40 am #

    I love your list!!! I find that a lot of those men would be on my list, if I ever stopped to make one.

  2. Shannon Groves July 19, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    Damon Damon Damon!!!!!

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