Make your own Bath Soak

17 Apr

This weekend my cousin-in-law (is that right?) Sue shared her secret bath soak recipe with my sister-in-law and me. Well it’s not secret but it just makes it sound more adventurous.

Over Easter, Sue and I were talking about baths and how bath bombs were cool and amazing. Since Sue is incredibly creative and innovative she told me she makes her own!

So last Sunday – she showed me how to make a bath soak. She also gave me the recipe for bath bombs which I will soon attempt and gave us wax and wicks for candles – Thanks Sue!

Since my sister-in-law Gianna is also very crafty like her cousin Sue, I have recruited her to help me with this stuff since I myself am not so crafty.

That being said this is a NEW joint hobby! Gianna and I are going to make things! Things like bath soaks, candles, bath bombs and anything else Sue gives us recipes for. I will share the recipes with you as well.


Bath Soak

4 Cups powdered Milk

1 Cup Baking Soda

1 Cup cornstarch

½ cup powdered buttermilk or powder goat’s milk

3-4 drops fragrance

Combine the ingredients and mix really well.

Let the bath soak sit for 24 hours


If you want to divide the ingredients before you put in the fragrance you certainly can so you can make several different flavors.

You can also just use four cups powdered buttermilk or powder goat’s milk – it’s up to you.

You can buy the oils at most whole food stores – or you can order online. This is a good site. However, I will keep looking and let you know of any bargins I find on the oils.


Gianna and I making bath soak - not cutting crack!

Gianna and I making bath soak - not cutting crack!




One Response to “Make your own Bath Soak”

  1. Gianna April 18, 2012 at 1:02 am #

    This was so much fun! I am excited to create more crafty things!

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